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Shawn Mendes is back in action and even better than before! His new song "Mysterious Skin" has debuted well on the charts and his long time fans and new listeners alike are really enjoying the song. The track is a reinvention for Shawn who seems to be starting fresh for his second era. The sound has moved from a lighter pop sound to a little rougher rock sound and his thematic content has shifted it's focus from the world to him personally. As a surprise for fans Shawn also released a Christmas song called "I'll Be Home for Christmas"which is along the lines of the new sound, the same minor key melody but softened with an acoustic approach. It seems that Shawn is entering his most musically fertile period yet and has embarked on has embarked on a promotional tour. As part of this promotional tour, he stopped by The View!




"The song came more from personal desire than from any outward influence. I am a firm believer in everything that I talked about on The Resistance. All of the social statements are my own thoughts that I am passionate about. But they came through the wrong mouthpiece. I created this persona that just wasn't me. I presented this guy who had all of his things in order that was unphased by the magnitude of everything and powered on as this warrior for different things. But the truth is that I was, and I still am in a lot of ways, a kid who's just starting to find his own footing and a kid who's still very intimidated and confused by fame. As things went on and I got more successful, I began to feel more and more trapped inside myself and inside this character. This song was written while I was on tour and it was about wanting to bust out of that. I was feeling suffocated. As I was writing this song, it flowed out of me in a way that indicated to me that I needed to be doing this, that this was the right way to go. The decision to make it a heavy rock track was one that I made early. Letting loose was the only option and this sound fit that. Playing a rock track felt more real to me than anything else. It was surreal to finally be saying the things I'd been wanting to while also playing them in a way that felt more natural than anything than anything that had come before."



"I've always wanted to do a Christmas song and so I brought the idea up to Sony and they loved it! They gave me total control which I'm incredibly appreciative of. I didn't sit and attempt to write the next "All I Want For Christmas Is You". I wanted to a Christmas song that had a piece of me in it. And really I feel like it has a lot of the same sentiment that most celebrities feel. Gaining fame and success takes me away from home and I spend weeks and weeks without seeing or being around my family. It's just not possible to feel the same talking on the phone with them. But I always make it home for big events like the big holidays. Christmas is a huge, huge thing in my family and I've grown up loving Christmas and loving spending time with my family on that day. I'll always make it back home to be with them for the holiday. The song is about just that: dropping everything and coming back home to be with the people I love for Christmas. I didn't want the song to be big and flashy so I just kept it acoustic and stripped back. All of the usual things such as the bells and chimes and the Christmas chorus...that just didn't feel right. Doing it simple and acoustically was the best thing to do and I think it worked better than I could've ever asked for."



"Yeah it was a big step! I lived in a small studio apartment in New York as I was writing The Resistance but that didn't feel like living alone and being out on my own. It was never a permanent place and I moved out the minute I finished writing the album. But while I was on tour I decided that it was time for me to find a place that I would go home to when the tour was over and when I wasn't working. So I house hunted. I didn't really want to live in Los Angeles because it was too bustling. I found a nice, nice place in this beautiful beach town called Carmel-by-the-Sea. It's got five bedrooms so I have a place for my family and friends when they come in. It's a got a pool and a home gym so I can work out which is one of my relaxation activities. It's got a big kitchen which is great because I love to cook. It's got tall ceilings so it's very airy and feels spacious. It's just about a 3 minute drive from the beach which I love. And I'm going to be putting a home recording studio in soon so I can work from home sometimes! It's a big step for me and I'm excited to truly live out by myself for the first time in a permanent residence."




The backdrop for performance on the screen showed a house with snow falling on an already snow covered yard. It's right at sunset and throughout we see silhouettes of people moving within the house. There's a mailbox present in the foreground of the video backdrop that says "Mendes" on it, implying this is the Mendes family home. Shawn stands in the center of the performance area and plays the song gently and with a smile on his face. The fret board on the guitar displays ornaments. Shawn is very happy through the performance and delivers it with a bubbly energy. For the final chorus, Shawn takes the mic off the stand and leads the crowd in singing the memorable chorus before he finishes the song off as normal. 


Whoopi: "Mysterious Skin is available now worldwide as well as Shawn's Christmas track I'll Be Home For Christmas. You can stream both on Encore with Mysterious Skin on several major playlists!"

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Reminder! CAL Twitter will now be used more to represent media publications rather than CAL GP/Fans reactions (which belongs now more to Connect).




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Ronlop    5,492

Connect will be available later today. I'll update you guys.

Corps will respond today. Sorry for the delay.

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ת�צ�ת ת��נ� ע��ר �the telegraph��



Why Lana Del Rey's Speech Is What We Desperately Needed To Hear 


Why @cal_lanadelrey Speech Is What We Desperately Needed To Hear #WhyAreYouRunning 


8 Times Grammy Winner, Lana Del Rey gave a remarkable speech at the United Nations General Assembly today talking about society's responsibility in making the world a better place for everyone. "Everybody on this planet has a responsibility to promote societal and cultural changes that enchance the human experience.". She also spoke about the stigma behind discussing mental health and the harmful behavior in the age of social media and memes.  "We live in a culture where it's sometimes considered cool or funny to be mean, to make jokes at the expense of others."

The multi-platinum global star also performed "Running From Love" which was released in September and serves as the lead single off her forthcoming sixth studio album "I Believe In Love". The song debuted with over 2m copies making it the fourth best selling debut behind "The American Dream", "Antidote" and her own collaboration with Mariah Carey, "Treasure".

The talked-about performance included Intel's high-technology which formed the globe made of the hundreds of flying lights that were controled by Lana's special gloves provided by Intel. Intel's creative contribution is not new to Lana as the both worked together during the "Midnight" album campaign launch and during 2017's Grammy Awards performance.

We are living in interesting times. Whether everyone chooses to see it or not, we all share the same qualities that make us human. We are interconnected to each other and our dynamic environment. As long as we are here, we can choose to positively impact one another. 

Lana Del Rey who is known for being a passionate advocate for human rights and humanitarian efforts launched a campaign on social media before the event #WhyAreYouRunning Challenge which is now joined by thousands of people online. The challenge's goal was to "inspire habitual good deeds by challenging everyone to actively carry out at least one a day" as explained by Lana herself during her speech today.

Lana has made the choice to use this platform in order to send out this message in the hopes it may resonate and cause a spark within even just a few people. Perhaps it may help others make more choices towards love and less choices founded on fear.

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. About her new shocking album cover and title, "Porn Poetry"

. About her new music video

. About her feud with Britney





So, we have Miss Willa here again to talk about her music video, her new album, some controversy around it and the feud? with Britney.


- Welcome back again, Willa

Willa: Thank you for having me again, it's nice to be here

- So you released your music video ever since you came here for the first time. Can you tell us something about the filming? the making of? working With Miguel Angel Silvestre?

Willa: It was fantastic. It's been like forever. Filming movies it's definitely really different to filming music videos. The only thing in common is the interpretation. This is for my song, my heart, so there's more magic into it. The setting was amazing, you know I had this idea of Cry = Waterfall as something really huge, sensual and majestic. Willa's new "Cry Me a River" from Justin now called "Cry Me a Waterfall", then add the Willa Ford turn on and there you have it (laughs). Miguel Angel was really nice to work with, he was always smiling and making sure I was comfortable 100% of the time. So next girl in his life, you are lucky! (laughs). There was some language issues since he is still learning and trying to be fluent in english, but he is just adorable.

- Your album cover has caused a lot of reactions. Lots of likes going there, you've rised in popularity a lot ever since it was posted. But also, there's a lot of haters surfacing:

Willa: There's always going to be haters I'm afraid. And to be honest, I'm quite used to them. I already had them when I wasn't even in the spotlight, just for being Nick Carter's girlfriend! it's crazy how human feelings can go sometimes, it's quite scary. Most of the reactions have been nice though, I believe in that. Most of the insults are so narrow minded that they don't affect me, at all. Really. Those who write those things are already saying it all, I don't even have to defend myself. It's absurd to defend myself on something so pure as human body. Embrace your own body, people! there's nothing to be ashamed of!


- We are with you on this one. Can you tell us more about what's porn and what's poetry in your new album?

Willa: It's just a catchy title. There's poetry because there's a lot of deep thoughts and feelings. But they are mixed with things like pleasure, longing, desire and love. I think I'm just describing human beings. This is basically me. Not all the songs are about me though, there's a lot of characters in my songs. I wanted to put myself into others. Thinking about how would it be like to be a prostitute, the ups and downs, the vulnerable feelings and the outcast feelings... I've contacted with some of them to tell me their story. There' still so much say in this, really. They deserve to be treated how they really deserve, as all woman deserve to be treated. 


- Which are your favorite tracks on the album? there's a lot of interesting themes and titles

Willa: I'm too close to the record, I don't know... it's really hard. I will say 4 songs: "Into My Bed" which is the one I talked about earlier, "Erotic Fantasies", "Longing Desire" and "Angel on Earth" of course. Oh, and "Deep Down the Well" too. I cannot left that one out either, it's way too personal. You see? I can't pick one! (laughs)


- We know you hate talking about it again, but what happened with Britney? You've been just saying nice things about her lately and then she posted that related to something that happened 17 years ago, really? You already apologize here about that, but it's been LONG my gosh.

Willa: I shouldn't really talk about this but I feel like I owe you one. She started all this, you can pretty much see my past interviews, I said nothing but nice things to her. My connect post was a really impulsive moment on my part though I'm still hallucinating. I don't really know what to say. She came my way the other day, she didn't look angry to be honest. We talked about what happened in the past, I apologize to her. Then, there was that. Maybe someone close to her told her to do so. This industry has always been like this, sometimes it seems like we must be hating on each other. But I have great relationships overall with the other girls. You know, there's enough room for every single one of us. We all are talented. 


- Her fans are furious. Connect posts are raging now. There's a lot of people on your side too though.

Willa: Well, they are her fans, what could you expect? they are not going to defend me (laughs). All I can say is she started this. Some might say: "hey, you started all this first in 2001, bitch", and yeah, it's true. But it's been 17 fucking years. I've changed. I came back. I was just being nice. Then this exploded out of nowhere. Not fair, sorry. But I'm not going to stay silent and be a pretty good girl. I will always speak my mind.


- Some say this is an strategic move and both your managers are seeking a duet with you two. Others say this was just a misinterpretation on Britney's part and some simply say you are just rivals.

Willa: What? first news, really. I doubt that is going to happen. She hates me (laughs). Out of those three I really believe is the second one.


- So you are going to perform "Cry" today at "Dancing With the Stars". Twelve years later since you participated as a contestant there.

Willa: Yes! I'm so excited! I LOVED being there. I wanted to win so bad. I put so many hours and effort into that show, and everybody knows. 9 hours of rehearsing everytime. But I was happy there. I could have been the first one to go, since I was in the bottom two. Then I could have been the second one to go, since I ended up in the bottom three as well. I finally ended up being the fifth one, so better than I expected. I wasn't prepared to be the first one to go, it would have been so disappointing. But I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to win that so bad, being the fifth one to go was a bittersweet moment. But it could have been worse.


- We can also see you on Kimmel this Thursday

Willa: Yes! I'm going to his show too. Interview and performance, so yeah, pretty nervous (laughs)


 - Ok, so thanks for coming Willa, we hope you success with your future album release. Do you know when is it coming though?

Willa: Not yet, we probably are going to wait to see how far "Cry" can go, then release a second single, and then the album. Thanks for having me today!

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Alesus    2,050



Minuit's Weeks 5-25 Total Profits


Bella's Earnings


Lana's Earnings




Pure Elation Total Profits


Bella's Earnings


Lorde's Earnings


Rihanna's Earnings




Bella's Updated Net Worth: $227,208,263

Lana's Updated Net Worth: $430,123,763

Lorde's Updated Net Worth: $114,760,884

Rihanna's Updated Net Worth: $49,851,310

@Ronlop @Harry_CAL @Bleachella

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