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After battling a bout with the flu this passed week, Shawn Mendes has returned to his promotional tour, now moving up to his home country Canada. Shawn is currently promoting his current single "Glass Castles", the second single from his upcoming album Human. The song has been very successful, earning Shawn his second consecutive solo top 10 and third overall. The song is one of the most raw and personal songs that's been released recently, going deep into the subject of anxiety and depression, something Shawn has battled with since he was an early teenager. The personal nature of the song continues to display Shawn's thematic reinvention, taking on the personal task of breaking down the typical barriers that exist between the artist and the listener in order to form a much more personal connection to the listener. The song also continues displaying Shawn's musical reinvention in which he strips away many of the more overtly pop elements and replaces them with more conventional hand played instrumentation. The album is just over two weeks away so audiences are busy preparing for Shawn's release. As part of his promo trial, Shawn was interviewed at Kiss 92.5 in his home city of Toronto. 






"It is the hardest track on the album without a doubt. This is the closest that I've ever come to straight up hard rock, which isn't a territory that I really plan to get into. The sound of Glass Castles was dictated by the intensity of the emotions that surround the song. I didn't realize just how aggressive it sounded until we finished recording it, but I felt that it was appropriate for the song. The first half of the album is much more rock oriented and harder sounding, but this is the hardest it gets. The second half is more relaxed, but the first half has those heavy guitars and such. But even among those songs, this one does stand out a bit. I think that it's what I needed to do with the song. I can't imagine it sounding any other way. It's a little hard to swallow at first but once you get wrapped up in what the song is saying, you start to feel that pull into the harder edged music."



"Encore has been something that I really enjoy and am thankful for, but i've not put a lot of attention onto it which does need to change. Encore is such an important platform for music today as it allows the audience to come directly to the songs and have access to them whenever they want. I am a frequent user of Encore as many people are. Along the way I think that it's slipped my mind that i have music there and my team and I are working to remedy that. I'd really love to be able to grow and expand my presence on Encore and I plan to do that. Streaming is something that's become second nature for a lot of artists but I'm still the new kid on the block in a lot of ways even though I've been at this for over a year. I'm still working things out and now that I've made progress, I can put my eyes on Encore much more. What I'm saying basically is go subscribe and play the songs." (Laughs)



"I've been lucky to have so much support my fans. And I've gotten some support from fellow artists as well such as Halsey and Brendon Urie. But I still do feel like an outsider still. I don't think that i've been totally accepted yet by the industry. I think a lot of it comes down to both my background and the way I've gone about my career. No matter what I do, there's going to be people that will always look at me as the 'Vine Kid'. And I don't exactly mind that. That is my background and it's a part of my life even if I don't talk about it much and i've tried to personally forget it. Vine isn't the platform that many artists have built a career off of. And even though it was around three years after I ended that part of my life that i got signed, that's always going to be attached to me. And once I did come into the industry, I took routes that weren't like what anyone expected. Going for the more political side of things, attacking insane concepts, forging complex storylines...it was different. And different can be difficult for people to decide on whether they like it or not. So I think that most of my peers don't exactly view me as a peer quite yet. That's changing, but I still have a lot to prove."


"Glass Castles" is available on iTunes and for streaming on Encore.
Human is available for pre-order and will be available worldwide on March 8.
You can subscribe to Shawn on Encore now.

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