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It's that time of year! For Black Friday, WILD Records is hooking you up with all of Shawn Mendes' music for new low prices! Spanning from November 24, 2017 up to November 16, 2018, follow Shawn from his very beginning up to the new music that's making waves now! 

It All Comes Back to This started it all. The single made Shawn a star and took him all the way to the top 5. The song scored Shawn a lot of buzz and eventually led on to a few award wins!

Crises followed as the second single from the album. Detailing a tale of resilience among a teen gay couple, the song was embraced by the LGBT community and remains one of the fan favorites. 

Crises (Remix) (with Halsey) is less a remix and more a reimagining of the track. Now telling a story of love from the sides of a gay teen couple and a lesbian teen couple, the track became  a modern pride celebration. The track entered the top 10 and gave way to an incredible BBMA performance!

The Resistance, Shawn's debut album, features 12 tracks broken up into three distinct movements, detailing stories of political unrest, war, LGBT prejudice/acceptance, and hope. The album fared well on the charts and became an instant fan favorite!

Mysterious Skin is the lead single from Shawn's forthcoming sophomore studio album. Complete with a total sound and thematic reinvention, the track has taken Shawn back into the top 20. Captivating fans and new listers alike, this track details Shawn's personal feelings regarding the first phase of his career, giving a unique look inside how one reacts to sudden change. 

I'll Be Home for Christmas is Shawn's first Christmas song and it's proved a fan favorite as well! It's also gotten the attention of other listeners. With a chill acoustic arrangement, the song talks about the importance of spending the holiday's with your loved ones as well as giving a view into Shawn's own Christmas traditions with his family. 

But that's not all!

With every digital purchase, a code will be sent via email to redeem ONE free Christmas item from the official Shawn Mendes store! If you'd like to purchase a Christmas item individually, for the Black Friday sale only, the ornaments are $5.99 each and the snow globe is $12.99. Take advantage of this discount because at the sale's conclusion, the ornaments will jump to $17.50 each and the snow globe will jump to $38.50!

Also don't forget that for Black Friday only, Encore is FREE to all users! Make sure to stream all of Shawn's tracks and subscribe to his channel to be the first to get new music!









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hector 31,073





- Hungry [ALBUM] & Devotion [Pre-order]

- Flowin' (Are You Nasty?)
- One Night Stand
- Fingertips
- Aladdin
- Dreaming of California (feat. Belinda) 
- Cougar (with Maluma)
- Flesh
- Hungry (feat. The Weeknd)
- Stand Still, Look Pretty
- The Art of Persuasion (feat. Madonna)


- Life in a Canvas [ALBUM]
- Rebirth [ALBUM]
- Kingdom / Gold Edition [ALBUM]

- Take My Heart
- Pearls (feat. Ariana Grande)
- Buy a Heart
- After
- Takes One to Know One
- I Don't Wanna (feat. Ariana Grande)
- Lavender Fields
- The Sky Is Falling 
- Beautiful Rampage
- Desire (feat. Harry Styles)
- Esta Noche (with Cardi B)
- Temperatura


- Maniac [ALBUM]

- Bad Habits
- Fuego (with Belinda, J Balvin)
- Maniac (Like That)
- High (On The Hills)
- The Less I Know The Better
- Gasoline
- Honey
- Goddess
- Wildin'
- Criminal
- No Limits (feat. Nicki Minaj)
- Bounce
- No Más (with Zendaya)


- Ariana Grande / Festive Edition [ALBUM]

- Bed of Lies
- Heaven and Hell
- Bottle Games (with Zendaya)
- Pray
- Plain Lovin' 
- Put Me First
- Some Kind of Drug (feat. Maluma)
- First Love
- Baby Boy (This Symphony's For You)
- This Christmas
- Not Just on Christmas
- Snow in California


- Love Lost In Vegas [ALBUM]
- Misconceptions [ALBUM]
- Christmas Time (EP) 

- Oblivious
- Pure
- Dangerously
- Preacher (feat. Ariana Grande)
- Miss America
- Ella's Lullaby
- The Storytelling of a Broken Heart
- Confessions
- Better Man
- Someone New
- Christmas Tree
- This Christmas (You'll Have My Heart) (feat. Shakira)
- Soft Kisses
- Fatal Seduction
- A Mother's Lullaby


- Classic (Deluxe) | Shakira
- When We Were Young | Shakira
- Damn! I'm Fallin' (In Love) | Shakira feat. Brendon Urie
- My Type | Zayn feat. Belinda

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Sippin' it up, I ain’t no shot (show me what you got)
Slow it down, lets make it hot (did I say stop?)
I've got some sugar, ooh, everything you want
Have me with a lemon slice, take me with no ice
Come on baby I know you’re thirsty,
Tonight I’ll be your fantasy,
Poppin' like Dom Perignon,
I'm what you want baby

You know you wanna taste my body, oh my body
Come take a sip,  I'm sweet like candy
Let's ditch this party, put your hands on my body
Oh, love galore , leave you wanting more
I'm Intoxicating like alcohol, something you won't ignore
Put your hands on my body, body, body


Lapping it up, I’m what you need,
Pick it up, lets amp the speed,
Mix the sugar with a little greed,
Kick back, I’ll take the lead
I wanna taste that liquorice, so sweet
I wanna get my hands all over it
Baby boy, don't ya wanna bite?
There's nothing sweeter I can promise that
You got that candy cane, I can feel in my waist
Go on get a sip of my love
I know you want my cherry on top







I know you wanna piece of this, hmm, don't be shy you're in it for a treat
Ha! Just know we do it like I wanna, Imma get you in my bed if I wanna
He know my pussy so good (haha) he ain't gettin' nothing like this puss
Pucker up, yeah you gonna lick it right - (Eouh) baby you gonna kiss it all night
You may think I got some attitude, (huh?) but only if you ain't got no aptitude!
I mean, no bitch can go hard like Cardi, so good his eyes will roll back (Bardi!)
Got Katy and Ariana on this shit, girls wanna have fun (you know what I mean?)
So watcha gonna do boy? Hurry up cuz my mouth wanna taste that plum (laughs)










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Janelle Monáe - Night Dreamer 



Janelle Monáe has finally released her standalone single entitled “Night Dreamer”. The ferocious track is accompanied by an introduction and a narrative about having a tumultuous relationship with winter. 


Introduction: This Moment 

Written by: Janelle Monáe and Adam Bainbridge
Produced by: Janelle Monáe


If you don't understand us and understand what we've been through, then you probably wouldn't understand what this moment is about. This is home. This is where we from. This is where we belong.

(Fiending for shackles made of rime
What's in your embattled mind?)

Silent as the snowflakes in the night 
Put you at ease, watching you unwind
Gentle breeze blows through the trees
The fireflies are taking flight
Where the waters are slowly freezing
Through the raging storms




Side A: Rise Again

Written by: Janelle Monáe
Produced by: Leland Whitty and Janelle Monáe

No angels in the sky
Sadness is lynched in the wind
Infatuated the minstrel, singing his barbaric hymn
No trace of desire, just terror and malice 
And then there's blood in the water
Red and silver on the leaves

Slowly, but surely
These bones will rise again
And the limpid silence is where all my pleasures remain

The sap of this plantation shouldn't have dried 
Until you've resisted and ravaged all we had aside
Nothing can assure that something will remain
And a sense of familiarity is ringing 
Is it your contempt haunting me again?

Slowly, but surely 
These bones will rise again
Yet these voices dissipate 
And the limpid silence is where all my pleasures remain

When is the perfect time to swallow my pride? 
When the rain disperses and my cries are sharper? 
Each droplet pierces through me
Flaws exploited like a Philistine 

(No angels in the sky, no angels…)

Slowly, but surely 
These bones will rise again
Yet these voices dissipate 
And the limpid silence is where all my pleasures remain

(No angels in the sky, no angels...)




Interlude: Eve

Written by: Janelle Monáe and Devonté Hynes
Produced by: Janelle Monáe and Devonté Hynes


Waste your time and pretty the thoughts
Nothing is forgiven, black skin and my rhythm
I'm a voyager in the dark
Find a means to drive away grief
It is winter’s eve and we are all under a sweet serenity

Children are laughing and roaring
Happiness is nestled in the wind
We can set out for the distant skies
Thoughts go above our heads before we realize
Nothing is forgiven, black skin and my rhythm
And you know that it's all at a cost
Find a means to drive away grief
It is winter’s eve and the bells toll for you

Side B: Night Dreamer 

Written by: Janelle Monáe
Produced by: Ludwig Göransson, Janelle Monáe, Paul Epworth and Frank Ocean

A clear ringing assertion follows another
One that remains in the immanent frame
I've frolicked and saw a spector 
Blasphemy fades and ignites another flame
Of ambers and brimstone

(Wait for the morning star, he will be where you are)

At times I see you in my dreams 
And the tropes are unraveling at the seams
I need to carry on 

Every wave is a tidal
Don't fight the rising sea 
Continue at ease
Lord will dwell forevermore in me

Set adrift at the white dock liners 
Watching the Mediterranean Sea 
As the caravan nestles in with fishermen
Conjured in another winter dream
Hankering for pearls, tombs, and wreaths 
Is where I belong to be 

Every wave is a tidal
Don't fight the rising sea
Don't run or slip away
The night dreamer is scarred by the hands of faith

The voltage is in the air (night dreamer, night dreamer) 
At the propellers of periphery 
Like shimmering novas in the sky 
(In the pale grey sky…)
How surreal it would be 
To believe in heaven’s generosity 

Night dreamer, wherever you go
Sleep in heavenly peace
Count sheep in the clouds of snow
Night dreamer, night dreamer
(You're on holy ground now)






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fighters in the clouds
dancers in the crowds
think of all the talents lost
just because they feel it's wrong

we're all stuck on our phones finding who made up the do's and don'ts
never reaching out of comfort
never get your reward

after all... both of our hearts beat the same
both of our lips feels the same
who follows rules nobody made?

we're shaking the skies
we're all our own different kind
eleganceis powerful, confidence is beautiful
tell yourself to let it go, tell the others what you know
so come on boys and girls
shine your inner diamonds and pearls
together we will rock your world
we'll keep on making the lines blurrier



ambition touching the stars
but it's been pulled down so far
hearing "can't do this, can't do that"
held under from their expectations on our back
he don't wanna be mr. masculinity
she don't wanna be ms. try to stay pretty
we're put in a box, can't think outside
keep the uniformity, can't color outside the lines
we're delication and sexual 
we're unrestraiend and magical
just follow what comes natural




Track #6


@Chapman @Mr. Mendes


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It's 5 AM, the taxi driver knows my name
Up all night, I'm the only one to blame
And my eyes glaze over my empty phone
Is this why I'm always alone?

I look in the mirror and see a stranger
I see a broken mind, I see a danger
I don't even like m yown friends anymore
Losing your mind is such a bore

But I hear a new fight rising in my mind
The ribbons arouns me are no longer intertwined

I'll win the fight once I set my foot down
They'll run to places where they can't be found
If I play the knife, and they play the victims
I know I have no consequence

Call it what you want
But I call them thrills
I lost my mind with no clear intentions
Of finding myself again


Track #7 




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