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Tony Aguilar Intro: We have today and for the first time, singer song-writer Willa Ford. She started her music career way back in 2001, with her first single "I Wanna Be Bad" (the song plays for 30 seconds on the background), which did pretty good. Then she started working on her second album but her label was bought up by another company and she left the music industry in 2004. She performed yesterday in "Operación Triunfo" and she is now sitting with us on "Los 40"


On her single "Cry"

We thought it was the perfect opener to both my new album and my comeback. I wouldn't even called it "comeback" since I'm more of a new artist anyway (laughs). Some people might remember me, but it's not really a comeback, I mean, for me it is at least (laughs). But it was the perfect choice. There's a lot of experimental sounds on my album and this was one of the most poppy songs. Perfect for radio. I was playing with this instrumental and the melody came instantly, then I worked on the lyrics. It was pretty straight-forward. It is sexy and even hot if you wanna see it that way (laughs), but it's also a pretty vulnerable track not only about pleasure but about connection and confidence in your partner.


Working with Miguel Angel Silvestre

He was such a blast to work with. So adorable, seriously. He was taking care of me everytime, and I always remember him in my mind smiling. An he's hot! but you already know that. He defends pretty well in english too by the way, there were some moments, but he was pretty sweet, I get that it is not his native language, start talking to me in spanish, I might just smile as if I was dumb and pretending to know what you are saying (laughs). I'm still working on my spanish, just a few words (laughs).


On her Second single and Music video

I love this new video. Actually, the idea behind it it's mine. Not that there was too much to think about since the song itself and the lyrics are already describing the video, but I had this idea of going to Amsterdam, spend a few days there, trying to get the feeling, you know? how could a prostitute feel. I imagined myself for a minute to be one of them, watching people staring at me, or people just walking by. The atmosphere of the clubs and rooms... it was a whole different dimension. The video captures that pretty well I think. It's releasing really soon!


On her album "Porn Poetry"

It's a bit sad that, for now, my album is getting attention because of its cover, theme and title. "You did it on purpose" you might think. But I can't see the problem, what's wrong about pleasure? what's wrong about our bodies? what's wrong about love? what's wrong about wondering and just be thoughtful about something that move us? We all, or at least, 90% of us, think about it at least once per day. To me, that means it's something we do have inside, it's part of our nature. We should just embrace it. It's a really deep album, emotions are the priority here. Do people really think prostitutes don't have feelings just because they are being fucked all the time? I don't think so. 


Spanish promo

I was yesterday in "Operación Triunfo" and the staging it's so nice! I felt pretty confident on stage. And the host, my gosh! he is so close and out-going. I will also be in "Late Motiv" tonight, pretty nervous about that since I've heard the host it's pretty scary with his questions (laughs). I like  Spain, I hope to come on my next vacation and really experience what's going on here. The beaches, the weather, the boys, the partying... (laughs) It seems like such a nice place to be. And loving the spanish, so much support  they are giving me lately.


(Acoustic Performance of "Cry")



Tony Aguilar Outro: You can buy "Cry" on Itunes , stream it via "Encore" or watch the music video on "CALTube". Her album "Porn Poetry" can be pre-ordered now as well. Don't forget to follow her on twitter, Connect and Encore!


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britney on the voice uk | united kingdom



The show would start and then you’d see the host coming to the stage and everyone was cheering and screaming, she’d stand in the middle of the stage and start introducing Britney “Hello and welcome to The Voice UK! We have another incredible night with us. Right now, let’s start with an incredible performance to kickstart. She’s one of the most influential artists of the decade and her music videos are a legacy for that. Her previous album reached over 230 million streams on Encore and her brand new single is at almost 100 million too. Please welcome to the stage, the one and only, the incredible, Miss Britney Spears!” and the crowd was now screaming as Britney was then seen standing in the middle of the stage and a huge LED screen behind her turned on and was showing bodies touching each other and then the screen goes off behind Britney and the official music video appears on the screens to promote the music video that was jus recently released, but it was just showing some parts that didn’t include the sexual stuff to avoid anything and then Britney starts singing the first verse of the song as it was playing now as well. She then starts walking and six dancers come from the side of the stage with her then looking at them as they were going to where Britney was, she sung the second verse and the lights that were on the stage turned blue and purple, going up and down slowly as Britney was dancing to the beat of the song.

She‘d then twirl as the whole stage was now being covered by smoke, you’d see the dancers going away from Britney and they were now around her in a circle as the pre-chorus of the song was playing. They all danced to it as Britney was walking in between them and touching them as she did, and when the chorus of the song hits you‘d see all of them doing some dance moves with a lot of energy and Britney moving around the stage, interacting with her dancers and dancing with them too. The lights would be at points going on and off and when they weren’t, you‘d see Britney doing a dance break to the song while her dancers would follow Britney’s steps. The next verse is now heard and Britney was now walking towards the catwalk that was on the middle of the stage and as she was walking, fire machines were turned on and her dancers would be doing some dance moves that were perfect for the beat of the song as they were following Britney to the end of the catwalk where she would perform the pre-chorus of the song as well while the whole stage was bright and the fire machines were turned on. Her dancers would come and start dancing around her and doing the choreography of the music video too as the cameras show the fans screaming and cheering for Britney and singing along with the song. Then the performance ends with Britney dancing in the middle f the stage, the music video stops again and then Britney was posing with her dance crew. The host reminds everyone to go stream Britney‘s new single on Encore and the show ends.


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1 hour ago, Bleachella said:

can sum1 invite me to ricks room the rabbit app is being faggy


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britney on strictly come dancing | united kingdom



Britney was announced as soon as the show came back from the commercial break, the host would be seen now in a different room in front of a big neon light logo with the show’s name. She‘d be holding two cardboards, one being from Britney’s album “Hungry” and the other one for “Flesh”, with a big smile on her face showing a lot of excitement she‘d start the introduction by saying “She’s one of the biggest artists of all time. By what I‘m holding in my hands I’m pretty sure you already know who she is [laughs] with almost 300 million streams on Encore and her brand new single ”Flesh” is one of the highest debuting singles of this year. Here to perform two hits from her album “Hungry” and her brand new single, “Flesh”, please welcome the incredible Britney Spears!” and everyone was now clapping for Britney as the camera goes to the stage and it was all foggy with white lights coming from the floor and then a big screen turns on and you‘d see Britney in a video there, this was the intro of the “Fingertips” music video and the song immediately begins making everyone be extra excited. Britney would appear on the stage with four dancers on her sides and doing the first verse of the song while strutting and dancing with the crew that was up with her on the stage. Britney then would perfom the chorus of the song amongst lights going on and of and smoke machines twirling around the stage. 

The chorus then ends and you’d see a black cougar appearing on the screens and a roar would be heard as Britney was surrounded by her dancers and the song begins. She‘d dance around them, touching their chests and faces as Maluma’s verse was playing and when the pre-chorus begun she‘d start doing it as you’d see the dancers being on their knees around Britney, she‘d start strutting and then the chorus hits and all of them would be crawling on the stage as Britney was dancing to the beat of the song and you’d see her now doing her verse of the song. Then the chorus kicks in again and she’d do it. Once it ends the whole place was dark. Lights then start to get on little by little and you‘d see now Britney in a prop with all of her dancers and the screens start playing the “Flesh” music video as she was now doing the first verse of the song while dancing with the crew on that prop. Britney then walks off it and starts going to the middle of the stage and waits there for the dancers to come so they would do a choeography around her and then you’d see them all going away around the stage as Britney was dancing alone. The performance carried on with Britney showing a lot of energy on her dance moves and making everyone have a rgeat time while watching the performance. As it ends, the host would come to the stage and congratulate Britney for coming to the show and for performing her songs too. She‘d then remind everyone to keep streaming “Hungry” and “Flesh” on Encorea nd to get both on iTunes.


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britney on bbc radio 1 | united kingdom


On the “Flesh” music video

Maybe many people won’t be very fond of this music video and I know that would kidn of happen because of the content of it but if they don’t like it and start making some kind of hate campaign against me like they did with the “Flowin” video I’d just recommend to just remain quite and swallow you hate because that’s not going to change the fact that I love to make music videos that would make people talk or touch subjects that not even the biggest artists ever would use I’d say. I’m very comfortable with the way I do my music videos and I have no doubt that it’s going to bother some but that’s fine, shit happens! But I do recommend you to have an opinion about the hidden messages of the music video, if you’re just watching nudity, cannibalism, two guys kissing, etc then you’re just watching the superficial and not looking into deep.

On her album “Devotion”

I’ve been working on this album for a while, there are three songs that I already wrote for the album besides “Flesh” and that they are already produced and ready to go. I don’t know about one because it’s still like, just there for me and it isn’t something I would put on this album but who knows, maybe it fits in the end. I do believe that “Flesh” is a great representation of the album’s sound and how the era’s going to be and that’s why I wanted it to be the lead single from the album. I have no date for this to be released yet but I hope that it isn’t too late [laughs] I want to release the album at the beginning of next year, but we’ll see what happens.

On “Hungry” and it’s streams + Encore

I saw! I saw that everyone‘s been streaming “Hungry” a lot these past couple of days and I’m so glad that everyone did stream it so much. I can‘t believe it’s near 240 million streams, this is really huge for me! I know that my fans wanted this album to go very differently and have a regular era but that wasn‘t meant to happen I guess. To me Encore is the best way to share your music with everyone. Times have changed and people love to consume music for “free” than buy an album or physical EP like it was during my time [laughs] but it’s pretty cool because this gives you a better vision on how people are enjoying your music and all of that. Follow me on Encore!


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