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 1. 'Treasure (w/ Lana Del Rey)'    40,050,000

 2. 'Preacher (feat. Ariana Grande)'    36,600,000
3.  'Running From Love'    36,300,000
DEBUT 4. 'True Religion'    34,900,000
5.  'Maniac (Like That)'    33,500,000

6.  'Criminal'    24,420,000
7.  'Soap on Skin'    24,100,000
 8. 'Fuego (w/ Belinda)'    23,600,000
9.  'Flesh'    23,300,000
DEBUT 10.  'Tell Me (And I'll Go)'    23,100,000


Mariah Carey & Lana Del Rey break another record in history once again with their smash hit "Treasure" which has dominated the Encore Hot 100 for three weeks in a row. This week, the song broke the record for the most streamed figure of all times in a week on the platform with 40m streams surpassing the song's debut record [39.6m streams in first week].

Lorde's surprise Black Friday single "True Religion" debuted at #4 on this week's chart with 34.9m streams in its first week, making it the biggest solo first-week debut on the service, surpassing Mariah Carey's "Antidote" in May which had 30.4m streams in its first week.






RECORD 1. Maluma- Maniac    +247,170,000

2. Lana Del Rey- Midnight    +129,800,000
3. Brendon Urie- Misconceptions    +109,020,000
4. Christina Aguilera- Desperately Seeking Christina    +97,150,000
5. Ariana Grande- Ariana Grande    +90,750,000

6. Arcane: The Re-Inarcanation    +76,200,000
7. Frank Ocean-  Connect    +64,195,000
8. Camila Cabello- Mutually Detrimental     +59,300,000
9. Britney Spears - Hungry    +47,550,000
10. Mariah Carey- Arcane    +45,600,000

DEBUT 11. Rihanna- Mariposa Negra    +44,700,000
12. Lorde- Eclipse     +38,700,000
13. Lana Del Rey- Silver    +35,200,000
14. Lorde- M&MS    +34,500,000
15. Katy Perry- Dreams    +33,900,000


Maluma destroys the album charts on Black Friday week with the most streamed album in a week on Encore in history with 247.1m streams, beating its debut week streams [218.6m streams in first week]. "Maniac" is the most streamed album on Encore with 1.6b streams so far.


Lana Del Rey's "Midnight" becomes the third album, following "Maniac" and "Mutually Detrimental" to reach 1b streams on Encore after a year since its release.

Rihanna's new surprise comeback "Mariposa Negra" debuts at #11 on Encore charts this week with 44.7m streams, marking the Grammy winner's first entry on the platform since its launch.



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Beyonce Sabotages Harry Styles





Harry Styles has sold 59% off the total tickets of his Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood titled "Gemini" which is set to kickstart next week on Dec 2. 

The residency has sold out 8 dates with 7 dates remaining. One of the biggest problems this residency has dealt with over the past few days is the clash between Beyonce's highly-anticipated residency on MGM Park with Harry's at Planet Hollywood. Both artists are set to clash on Dec 28, Jan 5, Jan 10 and Jan 11 with Harry's selling rate being 78% lower than Beyonce's what would serve as a big obstacle for the entire residency to sell out completely unless more direct promotion will be done.

Beyonce's residency which is set to be followed by a brand new album release and a new lead single has made its tickets available 24 hours ago and has already sold 59.3k tickets so far, with no direct promotion done besides the Black Friday deal.







Frank Ocean who made his tickets to his debut arena tour available just a week ago has already sold 196k tickets while selling out 6 dates out of the 17 total, already promising a gross of over $22m for the rising act.







@Harry Styles @8Bit Heart @Harry_CAL




Tour was not uploaded on CAL Tube.

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5 hours ago, Sony Music said:












Mutually Detrimental






not this fugly bitch bragging with my succes when the corp didn't even bother to book me shit during release week. fuck u, Umbridge!

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Andreu: It's time to present to our new guest for today. It's the first time she visits Spain and she is been promoting here in the last few days, so she might ring a bell to you. Please, welcome, american singer and actress, Willa Ford! 




Willa Ford: Thank you for having me!

Andreu: I've heard you are scared of me

Willa: Well, they told me! they told me you were pretty scary with your questions so... I don't know! (laughs)

Andreu: So Willa, Willa, Willa... now that I say your name so much, where does it come from? It's not real, is it?

Willa: No, no (laughs). It comes from my surname, Williford. So I split that in two, Willi Ford didn't sound right, but Willa Ford did, so yeah (laughs)

Andreu: That sounded like Willy Fog, Willa sounds better, yes. And you real name is?

Willa: (laughs) Amanda, Amanda Williford

Andreu: It's ok to call you Amanda then or do you prefer you stage name?

Willa: I don't really mind but since I'm promoting my songs and future album, I prefer Willa, since it's my artistic persona, my alter ego.

Andreu: You alter ego. Ok, so Willa, you started in 2001, with your song "I Wanna Be Bad", when Christina, Britney and many more female artists were trying to succeed.

Willa: Yes!

Andreu: It was a hit song, right?

Willa: Well, it kinda was in my country, but it never came out in Spain I'm afraid.

Andreu: Then you quit music industry in 2004 until today. That's impressive

Willa: Yes. I couldn't take it anymore. Way too many disappointments. I felt like I wasn't taken seriously, like all my vision and talent was not taken into account. My then record label was bought up by another company. So all the artists or most of them at least were released from the label. I just needed a break and my confidence back.

Andreu: Your new single, "Cry" sure is being listened here. In your music video, our beloved Miguel Angel Silvestre appears pretty close to you. How did that collaboration happened?

Willa: He was in Los Angeles filming his TV series, and I wanted this brown eyed Latino guy. I didn't really know him, so I didn't chose him, but he was the ideal partner.

Andreu: There's been rumours you two had a thing

Willa: Not at all, I'm married, with a kid... I know that doesn't mean anything, but really, nothing happened. I'm really happy now. I won't lie to you, I've been in some tormented relationships in which I wasn't really happy so who knows what could have happened then. But that's not where I am now. He is single and I am not, all I can say is that the girl who gets him will be really lucky. He is a charmer and sure knows how to treat a girl.

Andreu: You like him! (audience laughs)

Willa: (Laughs) Well, he's hot but... (audience screams and laughs)

Andreu: You see?

Willa: Oh my god, why is audience doing this? (laughs)

Andreu: We are going to move on. You were clear enough and you don't have to defend yourself.

Willa: Exactly. But you know what? it kinda pisses me off, and this is not related to you or your question, but everytime there's chemistry between a woman and a guy, press and people constantly think there's something else. It's like man and woman can only be lovers, or be in a relationship... it seems like they can't be friends. It's so sad! So that's why I'm on the defensive side. Not the first time happening, and it surely won't be the last one. There's nothing I can do I guess.

Andreu: You shut my mouth. But it was a joke just to clarify

Willa: Oh I know, I know, don't worry.

Andreu: You performed "Cry" in Spain the other day in another TV show and you are going to perform it here too

Willa: Yes...

Andreu: I've heard this song is about having a turn on to a man crying.

Willa: Yeah, it essentially is about that

Andreu: So can I start crying now or...? (audience laughs)

Willa: (laughs) Well, you can try...

Andreu: How did you think about that? I know it exists, but it's not something it's usually spoken.

Willa: I know, that was one of the main reasons why. It's so necessary to speak about things that do exist but everybody believes to be weird, wrong or whatever. You know, if someone feels that way and they heard it's insane, they are going to believe there's something wrong with them. And it's not. We should be more careful with what we say. We can hurt people feelings. There's nothing wrong about being who you are, there's things we can't help. As long as you don't hurt anybody, I don't see any problem with anything.

Andreu: You are right

Willa: But it's not only about that. I was dating a guy, long ago. I was like 22 or 23? And this guy couldn't open up to me. And maybe with anybody. He was so close down. I didn't know what to do. So I kissed him in a specific moment and he started crying. I felt so empowered. It was strange but so amazing at the same time, I did had a turn on. It's not that I love seeing man crying, it was that special moment. So I just imagined this idea of someone who is constantly being turned on by that. And then I mixed both stories into this song.

Andreu: Wow, that's interesting. Same goes with your album title, "Porn Poetry". That's... intense. You've been critized for that, but also heavily supported.

Willa: Yes. It's sad there's still such a narrow minded towards human body, human sexuality, human perceptions... There's something I've learned talking with friends and people, and it's that humans think about the encounter a lot during the day time. An encounter with someone specific. So I started thinking how much things like desire, pleasure and love can identify and move us. And I think it is really present in us. We as human beings, can think about how we perceive ourselves and others. We think about each other. We think about what we want to do with that special one. And we also think about how, when, where... it's just there, within us. So that's why the album it's called like it is. It's not just about pure pleasure or controversy as many people think. It's about the layers beneath. And about love, of course.

Andreu: That was interesting to hear. So you are releasing another single and music video soon

Willa: Yes, on Saturday. That song, "Into My Bed" is about prostitution and how a prostitute lives her everyday life. What feelings she is encountering, all the emotions behind that. All the masks, all the pretending. It's quite deep. The music video was filmed in Amsterdam. I wanted to walk by the "Red Light District" and observe. Then trying to feel like one of them. I tried to convey everything I could in the music video. I hope you will enjoy.

Andreu: Wow, you really created a lot of characters for this album

Willa: Yes, I love it! it's important, it helps you broaden your mind. There's songs about me and my life, of course, but there's a lot of characterization too.

Andreu: You are going to perfom "Cry" now, so please take the stage, it's been a pleasure talking with you. Was it that scary?

Willa: (laughs) no, no, it wasn't. I was pretty comfortable. Thank you so much for having me here.

Andreu: Good luck, Willa!


(Live performance)


Andreu: Give it up for Willa Ford! you can buy her single on itunes, stream it on Encore or watch the music video on CALtube.

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The charts would probably come tomorrow, Saturday. They will take awhile for me to finish due to the complications of Black Friday.





You may update your playlists now. 






Also, don't forget to update your trending gainers if you have any album/EP out. 





If you guys can review "Mariposa Negra" and "Desperately Seeking Christina"- you would get $1.5m added to your artist's account. I would really appreciate it as it adds alot to the game.

Desperately Seeking Christina on logo.png

Mariposa Negra on logo.png

To read the album lyrics, click on the three dots next to every album track on Encore. That will lead you to the album post.



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Guys I am sorry but I have to quit again.

It feels emberassing to be doing this yet again but I have decided officially that the game is becoming more and more of a chore for me and I should put an end to it some day in my life so I guess (and hope) today is the day. 

I'd like to thank everyone who made this game a thing. It wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. It's very hard for me to do this (which is kind of sad since it's just an online game) and I have to stand by the fact that I should never host in the future again.

Truly sorry for this.

I'll post the charts for Week 4.



@Chapman @Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft

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