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Agent X    6,860
1 minute ago, 350.000.000 records sold said:

you post orly1 when u gave 0 to take a bow bitch? orly1

Take a Bow is good, but of all songs it is the only one that was trend following. Mariah and any other r'n'b artist could have done that in the 90s. jj2 

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Dancing Queen    4,411
2 minutes ago, Rachel Green said:

I'm pretty much satisfied with the ratings except for I'd Rather Be Your Lover. It should've been #7 or #6. Other than that, I can't find anything mess-worthy. lol3

Thank u so much to those of u who submitted your rates and special thanks to @Nocturn @Dancing Queen @350.000.000 records sold for being here for the kinda floppy ceremony. kylie1

Take A Bow isnt in top-3 lol3 

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