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#FOTPRate: Stripped

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Hi, time to Get Naked (I Got A Plan.mp3) at the Stripped #FOTPRate. Don't be lazy and join the game, there are only 16 songs.




  1. Listen to the album again.
  2. Rate each song from 1 to 10.
  3. You are free to give an 11 and a 0 in a song.
  4. Send me your rates via PM.


Tracklist to rate:

Can't Hold Us Down
Walk Away
Loving Me 4 Me
Make Over
Get Mine, Get Yours
The Voice Within
I'm OK
Keep on Singin' My Song



  1. @350.000.000 records sold
  2. @Ghostface
  3. @Mistress 9
  4. @Hunter.
  5. @ParentalAdvisory
  6. @Rachel Green
  7. @Lord Stoneheart
  8. @BlueBalls
  9. @Violet

Deadline: 10.12.2018


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6 already voted. Let's make it at least 10 please.



@Freaky Prince - Candyman

@Khems - Fighter

@Kirjava - Bird of Prey

@Iris - Prima Donna

@Dita  - Queen of Burlesque

@Urbi - Nasty Naughty Boy

@StrippedX - Oreo Cookie

@greeneyedfighter - Genie in a Bottle

@Bionikal - Little Dreamer

@Chris Pratt - Christmas Time

@Habits - Monday Morning

@Driven - So Emotional

@Anna-wa - Can't Hold Us Down

@GLORY - You Lost Me

@BackToBasics - Infatuation

@#Music - Beautiful

@Philip - Woohoo Destroyer

@Monster - Tough Lover

@NOVAAYEARZ - Telepathizer

@Muse - Stronger Than Ever, Bitch

@Chloefighter - The Voice Within

@Aleco - Desnudate

@Alyssa - Fighter

@EvilRegal - Cease Fire

@Imperfect - You Lost Me


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Ghostface    5,711
11 minutes ago, 350.000.000 records sold said:

@Ghostface your scores? jj3 Send them so I can start counting. I don't think anyone else will vote. Only 8 members. jj3

Image result for it's coming you little bitch lana del rey


Tomorrow for sure. I have few scores that need to be twisted a bit. jj2


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