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New book about Madonna's music to be released

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Nocturn    6,112

Madonna : Album by Album - by Caroline Sullivan


Written by acclaimed music journalist Caroline Sullivan, this in-depth, lavishly illustrated exploration of Madonna examines the superstar’s music, style, and cultural influence.
Madonna is the top-selling female recording artist of all time, and a fearless, boundary-pushing artist who constantly reinvents herself and her music. Updated to include Rebel Heart, this authoritative illustrated book examines all 13 of Madonna’s studio albums in fine detail, placing each in context and charting the trendsetting musician's influence on fashion and popular culture. Covering every hit record and era-defining image, and featuring a wealth of rare and iconic photographs, Madonna takes a unique look at the legendary star's extraordinary output.




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Chris Morlock    39,456
9 minutes ago, KatnissLawrence said:


Her handrails can't go on tour anymore 

you dont need to tour to release music. kesha8 

just look at Zayn and Xtina kesha8 

(this is harmless shade btw)

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