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Ariana Grande has recently registered 3 new songs: "Break Up With Your Girlfriend", "In My Head" and "Fake Smile"

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01. thank u, next

02. imagine

03. 7 rings

04. NASA

05. needy

06. bloodline

07. ghostin

08. remember

09. make up

10. fake smile

11. bad idea

12. in my head

13. break up with your girlfriend


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3 hours ago, Law said:

Ilya and Savan coming in with a SERVE, that title with these two? BUWYG is gonna be a smash, bookmark me burn1

I think thats the new song that she was talking about saying it was 'fun'. But she also removed a track because she didn't feel ready to share it...I bet she removed Remember...

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25 minutes ago, gaga said:

break up with your girlfriend is kind of an ugly title. but, i'm still perched for this album.

Wished there was an alternative title tbh, it sounds childish in a way. 

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