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What TUN track are you most looking forward to?

Most anticipated?  

18 members have voted

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    • Needy
    • NASA
    • Bloodline
    • Fake Smile
    • Bad Idea
    • Make Up
    • Ghostin
    • In My Head
    • Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

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Needy: An R&B ballad love song, snippets are out and have been fan favorite for months

NASA: Catchy and midtempo, a bit repetitive, predicted to be next fan favorite

Bloodline: "great production, great use of a horn, potential single material." Song is about how she doesn't want her man to be a part of her bloodline

Fake Smile: Midtempo R&B, "should send this song to TMZ," samples After Laughter Comes Tears

Bad Idea: Bass guitar, very poppy and catchy

Make Up: Not about makeup, uses vocal layering to harmonize, "interesting production"

Ghostin: "ambient and atmospheric with a touch of violin, she sings in such a sweet and angelic voice"

In My Head: Rap-sing, vocal and high notes blended with sub-bass

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored: Hip-hop sound, rap-sing, "if you like 7 rings, you'll like this song"

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2 minutes ago, Luca said:

Ghostin and In My Head, Ghostin being a mix of Moonlight, Tatooed Heart and Intro (ME) and In My Head being Touch It 2.0 moo9 

Where does she rap-sing in Touch It oprah12 

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Just now, Divine said:

o i c! I was thinking Ghostin was going to serve us the Touch It of the album tbh or maybe the TBY! moo9

They are definitely the most interesting ones judging by their names and these descriptions... like atmospheric??? Give it to us sis! giveup3 

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2 minutes ago, Luca said:

NASA the R.E.M. of this album, can't wait to block all the annoying Arianators who only stan this just because Ariana does, same with needy! ari5 

kettle exploded  rip3R.E.M is such a terrible song

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1 hour ago, Taylor said:

Top 3:





NASA interests me a lot for some reason, not really sure why. I feel like it’ll either be amazing and a highlight or underwhelming and I’ll hate it dd, no middle ground. Hope I do like it though.

Oomf is reading my mind ari7 

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