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thank u, next: The Megarate

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Divine    139,584



Hello and welcome to the megarate for the critically acclaimed and record breaking fifth studio album by Miss Ariana Grande! Here we will rate and rank each song off the album and see what members of the FOTP community believe to be a bop and what is a flop! Many songs are beloved so we are sure in for a mess filled rate so send in your rates after reading the rest of the OP!


- Rate every song on a scale of 1-10

- You can only give ONE song an 11 and ONE song a 0

- Rates must be sent through PM's

- Comments not required but are welcomed






1. imagine -

2. needy -

3. NASA -

4. bloodline -

5. fake smile -

6. bad idea -

7. make up -

8. ghostin -

9. in my head -

10. 7 rings -

11. thank u, next -

12. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored




1. @Divine

2. @Chris Morlock

3. @Régine Filange

4. @Freaky Prince

5. @Simón.

6. @Littleswiftie

7. @Moon Queen


9. @rosekesha

10. @Mandy Candy

11. @Jake

12. @Luca

13. @Madonna

14. @Urbanov

15. @Daenerys

16. @Ace.

17. @Violet

18. @Jose

19. @Ghostface

20. @Manel

21. @Sweetener

22. @Law

23. @Lord Stoneheart

24. @DW

25. @Yoncé.

26. @hector




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Divine    139,584



1. Ghostin'

2. Bloodline

3. Needy

4. 7 Rings

5. Bad Idea


7. thank u, next

8. Break Up With Your Girlfriend,  I'm Bored

9. Imagine

10. In My Head

11. Fake Smile

12. Make Up

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Jake    15,501

Literally nothing is under an 8 except... that song. jj4 

Edit: Literally the easiest shit ever. Honestly wanted to mark every song as a 10 except make up

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Chris Morlock    42,282
23 hours ago, Madonna said:

I'm in although I'm not a fan of "single album megarates". sia3 

should we add Sweetener in since its only 6 months old sia3 

7 minutes ago, Divine said:

Most of y’all saying you’re participating just to VANISH gaga1 

i hope to see more people gaga1 

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