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How big would an album in 2004 have been?

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3 hours ago, Ruthless Love said:

If anything she should have pushed for Bionic to come in 2009 following the release of the greatest hits, but production on Burlesque delayed that from happening.

Despite my love for the Burlesque OST, that movie derailed her momentum.  

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One thing about being an Xtina stan is the common should've/would've/could've because she has the talent and potential but her timing is an issue


Here's how it should've gone:


1999: Debut

2000: Teen pop 2.0 album (with Mi Reflejo instead of MKOC)

2002: Stripped

2004: Back to Basics

2006/7: Bionic (electro was in back then as seen with FS/LS, etc.)

2009/10: Back to Basics 2.0 and then Burlesque


this decade would have been suuuuper different for her now charts/commercially speaking

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It wouldve been more successful for sure but I’m still glad b2b released when it did. In 2004 her voice was in rough shape and a massively characteristic of b2b era is it delivering her best vocals that have basically now defined her sound.

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I think she lost a lot of oportunities to release more  music... for example she could make a very good CA folow up album during 2001 then 2004 could be a great time for an album with her tour to promote.... Bionic for me is her best one and she could fight back to gaga/PEREZ attacks on media and release good videos and a tour but instead she dont say anything about that and quit the proyect.

Love Xtina i really spect a new album this years.... at least a spanish album

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