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Rank Beyoncé's Self Titled Album

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On 3/15/2019 at 12:24 PM, Luca said:

I used to like ***Flawless, and it pops off live, but listening to the album version is starting to annoy me. The 1 minute speech as transition was a choice, I prefer the remix version with Nicki just because the lyrics are way more "inspirational" and motivational. 

True I always listen to the Formation World Tour version of it insteadkylie5

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not as good as Lemonade but still a masterpiece jj2 

1. Partition

2. Haunted

3. ***Flawless

4. Drunk in Love

5. Blow

6. XO

7. Pretty Hurts

8. No Angel

9. Heaven

10. Jealous

11. Mine

12. Superpower

13. Rocket

14. Blue

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Right girls and gays time to rank. I know all the beyhive have very different opinions about the songs on the album so let's battle Also please don't shoot me for placing certain songs so low it genui

Listen to Blow and Jealous ASAP

No Angel Jealous Yoncé / Partition Mine Blow Ghost / Haunted XO Drunk in Love Blue Superpower ***Flawless Rocket Pre

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