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Beyoncé | Homecoming: The Live Album | April 17th, 2019

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I don't even care that it's a live album bc the documentary is a gift itself, finally at least something to hold us over until Lion King. giveup1 

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1 hour ago, Luca said:

I mean the song is cute but just cute! dead7 

I don't get the purpose of I Been On though, hasn't it been leaked like years ago? 

It wasn’t leaked it was properly uploaded on her soundcloud with “Bow Down” that later turned into Flawless***

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The documentary is amazing (I love when she talks about how much she put her body through after the pregnancy to get in shape faster and how she wouldn't do that again). Now I'm perched for what's coming. I know for a fact the live album isn't gonna be the only thing she releases this year.


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7 hours ago, Yoncé. said:

I Care still being THAT bitch on this live album, the way she sings this song is insane jesus. giveup1 

She absolutely slayed I Care during my OTR2 show giveup1 Since then I love this song even more

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14 hours ago, Empathica said:

Do we think B7 will follow this really quickly or will be it a few months?

I'm not sure but I think she's gonna space things out to give all of her projects room to SLAY. I don't think she'd want to release before The Lion King soundtrack/movie... or maybe she'd release around the same time judging by last decade's film/album cross promotions... Idk it's hard to predict her moves which is a good thing imo. Either way, I feel the excitement of a new beyseason buzzing bey12

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