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Most Googled Artists (2004-2019) [OC]

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5 hours ago, Agugaga said:

He called Britney “the it girl“ of the 2000s which is a lie. According to Billboard decade end charts, that was Beyonce. So I’m assuming he’s talking about the years she was most searched because of her mental breakdown. Again, putting Britney’s health on the back burner just to score popularity points. But what more can you expect from #SlaveSupporters who have known about the suffering of their fave for years and years and now want to act like they want to do something about it (only because they realize she ain’t releasing music or performing anytime soon.)

Billboard only accounts for US, Britney was bigger WW than Beyonce in 2000s #factsarefacts. 


So if 2004 is when she started spiraling, then she had 2001, 2002, 2003 as the most searched star before any mental issues became an issue, whereas Xtina was never the most search star in the world, ever brit10 

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