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Create A Label: Season 11

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CAL Twitter Update 6.8.19


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37 minutes ago, hector said:



32 minutes ago, Surrealism said:




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Ronlop    6,682
38 minutes ago, hector said:


Belinda will recieve 10 negative updates. A decrease in updates is attianable with Belinda's intervention. 

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Ronlop    6,682


I just checked Belinda's twitter and it's a fucking mess

I'm not controlling what you do but I ask you to please not post these. The headlines are already messy as it is dead2 So I suggest we all calm down for now!


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Surrealism    1,252





Zendaya has been having an interesting month, to say the least. She launched her new single BOHO a few weeks ago, a disco-inspired 80’s pop-bop that reached a peak within the top thirty of the Hot 100 thus far. This is Zendaya’s first single in over half a year, and will serve as the lead to her second studio album. The album in question will be the follow-up to Heart, an album that racked up over 200 million streams on Encore and a number one single with Ariana Grande. The earworm of a summer song is showing signs of promise, staying consistent in both streams and radio airplay, as well as sales. The song has reached a peak of #7 on the CAL Hot 100 and is showing signs of rising even further. Zendaya made an appearance on The One Show. She swung by the filming location in London to continue her stay in the United Kingdom and to proceed with pushing her single in the region. 


On the vertical video for BOHO

It came out last night, and I’m pleased with the result. It was meant to be something cute for my fans to watch and enjoy, so I’m hoping that they like it! Vertical videos are still something rather new to Encore, so I guess that makes me one of the firsts. I’m not close to being a pioneer it, I’m definitely not saying that. The credit for that goes towards Lana Del Rey. But still, being one of the first people to create a vertical video for the app feels pretty cool. Hopefully more people follow and do the same, because there’s a certain intimacy to them if you do it right. 


On the remixes for BOHO

Been teasing it for a while now, so I guess it was finally time to release them! Remixes are fun for me to release. Every remix sounds different and comes from a different DJ, and point of view. So listening to one gives a completely different experience than you’d get listening to the next. There are two remixes featuring other artists on the EP. One with Maluma, and another with Lindsay Lohan. With Maluma, we threw in some Spanish. Translated some of the lyrics. Lindsay is someone I’ve always wanted the opportunity to work with, so I contacted her to be on one of the remixes as well. She said yes, and sent me her verse. 


On publicizing her relationship

I have said time and time again that things would be revealed when the time was right. The time finally felt right, so we went ahead and announced it to the world. The circumstances of our relationship aren’t what some are making it to be. I’ve said on Good Morning Britain a couple days ago that a lot of mistreatment by a certain someone was hurled mine and his way even before we became an item. When we were just friends. I’ve had my already recorded verses removed from songs, stylists stolen on the days of filming my music videos, and countless other things. They are a toxic individual that was with him for the publicity. I have the receipts, but for now I would rather not give them more press and avoid saying their name. I honestly just want to move on and earn the trust from his fans that I’ll treat him right.

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@Ronlop also xtube commented under Lindsay’s and Moo’s most recent posts!

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Edu    2,695

Eduardo Suede using Lindsay’s account commented under Zendaya’s post

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Bleachella    3,768




Hyde Park
* Lana w/ Running From Love 
* California Dreaming w/ Lana 
* Bring fan onstage during Cruise 
* New outfit for Surprise Song 
* Surprise Song: Falling

* Christina w/ Where Is She
* Lucky You w/ Christina 
* Bring group of fans onstage for Good Girls 
* Surprise Song: Royals

* Britney w/ Flesh 
* Overdrive w/ Britney
* High note during Good Girls 
* Surprise Song: Overdrive 

San Siro 
* Florence w/ Sleepless
* Hereditary w/ Florence 
* Bring fan during California Dreaming
* High note during California Dreaming 
* Surprise Song: Shake It Out (Florence Welch Cover)

* Lindsay w/ Truce 
* Dangerous w/ Lindsay
* Surprise Song: Swinging Party

Eden Park 
* Frank w/ Lux
* Dancing in Paris w/ Frank 
* Two surprise songs: Dancing Queen & Avalanche

Tokyo Dome 
* Beyonce w/ Human Emotion 
* Katy w/ Catch Me In The Sun 
* Magnets w/ Beyonce & Katy 
* Surprise Song: Hard Feelings/Loveless

Seoul Olympic 
* Kevin w/ Smile
* True Religion w/ Kevin
* Surprise Song: Eclipse (EP Title Track)

Estadio Nacional
* Maluma w/ Criminal 
* Good Girls w/ Maluma 
* Surprise Song: One and Only


@Ronlop Here are all the changes/surprise songs/special guests. I can go more into detail if u would like, just lmk 

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