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With great enthusiasm, we can finally announce Zendaya’s campaign with H&M. Tagging along with Zendaya for the new campaign will be blooming superstar, Shawn Mendes. While promoting the Fall collection for the fashion brand together as a duo, the pair hopes to promote the message of acceptance and individuality in the form of fashion. The idea for the campaign is simple; allowing others to display their oddities and what makes them different in a positive manner. This is something Zendaya is Shawn are both passionate about, and hope their fans will follow the same values that they will be encouraging. 


“Shawn Mendes was an obvious choice to do this campaign by my side. He always stands up for the overlooked, and that is something I admire in a person. He also has a natural knack for modeling menswear, so that’s a plus!” Zendaya said, about the deciding factors on picking the artist to do this particular campaign in company with. “Secret” is the most recent hit single by Shawn, a powerful song with a strong message that ties right in with the core ideas of this H&M campaign. Zendaya, who is currently promoting “BOHO”, is just as outspoken. She has championed feminist ideals, calling out the media for their bias towards female figures in the music industry. She has also used her performances this era as a means of self-expression, putting all of her emotions on the stage. An example of this is her performance on Rising Star Brazil last month, where she called the media out directly for printing false headlines, ultimately using her name as clickbait during a time where it was considered trendy to do so. Teaming up, Shawn and Zendaya make an obvious tag team of activists, committed to fighting for what they believe in and what they think is right.


The campaign also comes with a few exciting events that will be taking place this month. This weekend, the pairing will be releasing the long-anticipated collaborative effort together. Tying in with the name of the campaign, this song will be titled “DESCENDING”. A snippet of the instrumental in this song can be heard in a video Zendaya tweeted, where her and Shawn are both seen modeling for photos that have been placed on H&M’s website. The music video and performance premiere will be taking place on August 20th, on The Voice USA. You don’t want to miss it, so make sure to set a reminder so you remember to tune in to the show! Or, record the episode on your DVR. The music video will also be available for viewing on H&M’s official CALTube channel at midnight on the same night. The pairing will have their face plastered on billboards that will be placed all across the globe, from every corner of the world. A concert being held later this month will also be livestreamed on MTV. More information regarding the concert can be found on H&M’s website, or by contacting H&M directly by calling their toll free support number. 


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Kelly Clarkson has just announced her long-awaited comeback to the spotlight. This past January, she released her best-selling single yet, “Better Days,” only to step away from the public eye soon after its release. Over the next seven months, silence would follow and Kelly would retreat to be away with her family for personal reasons yet to be revealed to the general public. Now, she makes her arrival back on the scene with a bold new release – “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The track, set to be released this Friday, harkens back to what Kelly originally set out to do in summer 2018 with the release of the 80s-tinged, “In the Night”. The LP it was originally intended for was shelved, however, due to Kelly not feeling satisfied with where the project was headed. Things are different now, and with Kelly finding new inspiration and direction for the album, things seem to be back on track.

To prepare for the release of the single, Kelly and her team have already begun its rollout ahead of its drop date. Setting their sights high and looking to start off on a strong note, Kelly and her husband and manager – Brandon Blackstock – organized a special party sponsored by her corporation, Sony Music Entertainment. This exclusive party took place at Kelly’s own Nashville estate tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee. The party was thrown specifically and only for radio DJs and station managers along with Encore representatives and executives with the aim of building more relations with those working in the radio and streaming industry. Entertainment Tonight was invited as the one and only member of the press to cover the night and has all the exclusive and juicy details of Kelly’s upcoming era for you in this ET special.

Another purpose of the night was for the people who do a lot of the ground work in the music industry to have a chance to hear from Kelly themselves, rather than a press release, her heart behind the new single and upcoming album. The party itself was grand and lavish as Kelly wanted to go, “all out,” for her guests. Throughout the night Kelly didn’t just talk about the new music – she also performed the new single for them, showed them the music video, and performed three songs off the upcoming album. 

All those who were attendance were required to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement, or they would not allow admittance to the party. Security was extremely high at this event to ensure no details at all would leak out. Filming of any sort was strictly prohibited as well with security watching around the clock closely to catch anyone.

As everyone filtered into Kelly’s grand dining hall for the evening, the room was bustling with excitement and energy – the industry was clearly excited to see Kelly and hear all the details on her big return! Elvis Duran, from his hit radio show on the second largest radio-station in the US, Z100, told us that he was, “so excited to get to be here tonight! We really do love Kelly and have been big fans ever since American Idol. I can’t wait to hear what the new single is!” Another representative from Encore we interviewed said, “I think this event she’s doing is so special – no one ever does stuff like this! Usually pop stars are either too busy or too cool for school to do stuff like this for people working in the industry beneath them, so to speak. I’m ready to see Kelly!” Anticipation was building in the room. Many expressed similar sentiments, and they would all be very right in saying how unusual an event like this is, but as Kelly’s husband, Brandon, told us, “Kelly is just an incredibly relational person, and I think everyone knows that by now. She is so appreciative for others and know the only reason she is here is because of the fans and the people in this room tonight.” 

After about 30 minutes to allow guests time to trickle in, the lights in the hall were brought down and the room was filled with roaring applause. An LED screen was on the stage and displayed the intro video to the first performance of the night. The video began similar to the teaser Kelly has released for the single where there’s a buzzing noise in the background showing scenes of a neon-lit club. The video then goes to show content as we’re shown a jukebox that says, “Broken Heart Jukebox” engraved into it in beautiful 80s typography. Kelly is then shown walking around in the club throughout different beauty shots. She appears to be looking for something as distant echoes are heard. These distant echoes, actually, are tracks off Kelly’s upcoming album! Kelly begins following the different echoes of the songs playing throughout this seemingly empty club. She then walks up to the jukebox and a tight shot goes to her finger pressing a button on the jukebox. There is a bass drop and the room goes dark. The audience goes into another roar of applause as Kelly makes her way on the stage and the intro to “Do You Still Think of Me?” begins! She wears a beautiful gold, shimmering dress reminiscent of the era from which her new record seems to be emulating Now, we of course aren’t able to show you the song just yet, however, we did receive clearance to play a special snippet of the performance. Check out a piece of the chorus below!

“Do you still think of me?
I’ve been reminiscing about things
How they used to be
Do you still think of me?
‘Cause you still flood my memories”

The song itself is electrifying. Kelly gave such an energetic and stunning performance that the crowd went wild! The audience gave her a standing ovation and she thank everyone and also encouraged them to “give it up” for her band. The song itself is, in our opinion, Kelly’s best lead single yet. There are so many different textures and layers to this track, and it sounds like it is a song straight out of the 80s, yet, it does not have a dated feel to it at the same time. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Kelly then began speaking about everything coming up with her new music. “I’ve just really been inspired again, honestly,” she states in our exclusive footage from the night. “One of the reasons I stepped away from the spotlight for so long was just a lack of inspiration. I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to do, and the results became somewhat-messy release patterns. So I took the time to just unplug and not force anything.” And then, that’s when the ideas for new music came. “After about five or six months, it all started flowing again, and I felt at a good place to come back.” 

Kelly also confirmed and announced plans regarding her upcoming tenth studio album. “I wanted you all to be the first to know, actually, that this song is the lead single off my next album, Broken Heart Jukebox!” The audience cheered with applause once again. “I originally shelved this project last year due to, once again, a lack of inspiration and direction. It ended up going in a direction I wasn’t happy with, but I knew it was a concept that I still wanted to do one day.” She later added, “It was all of a sudden, really. I just sat up one day and knew this was the next album. I knew what it was going to sound like, look like, and everything else. It all came together amazingly fast.” Amazingly fast indeed, Kelly revealed the album took just a month and a half for her to complete. “When I took all the pressure off myself, I allowed my creativity to naturally flow and come out, and now I am about to release my best album to date.” No word on the release date yet, but she promises it will be, “sooner rather than later!”, a phrase her fans know all too well.

Kelly played three tracks off the upcoming album for her guests as well. And while we can’t say much at all about them, just know, they’re just as amazing as the album’s lead single! One song in particular is very emotional and deals with the death of a loved one, a track Kelly said she, “absolutely write and get out of [her] system.” Another track she played featured a collaboration with quite a big-name artist – someone I think that people would be surprised but very excited to see Kelly working with. And as for the third song, well, we’ll just say that it is what one might call a BOP and a half! Kelly seems to really be bringing back happy and unapologetically-pop music with this record, for the most part.

Now, regarding the new single, Kelly also spoke candidly about that to those in attendance. “This new single is probably my favorite song I have ever released so far. I’m just that excited and thrilled about it. It’s been a while since I felt this passionate and believed in my material this much!” And it definitely shows. The track itself will be dropping this Friday, and we’re already itching to have it on repeat! Kelly explained the meaning of the song and how it came to be as well. “This song came in the middle of the writing sessions for this record. I actually had a totally different song on the album picked out to be the lead single, but then I just heard the chorus and some of the verse for this song when I was driving down the highway one day. The first thing I did when I got home was sing it into my voice memos, and the rest is history! I knew once we finished it that it would be the best way to start off the journey of this record.”

“The song itself has a nostalgic feeling to it. Not just from the music which harkens back to the dazzling and colorful sounds of the 80s, but also in its theme. The whole song is about that feeling you have after you break up with someone and you see something that reminds you of them, or maybe you randomly think of a memory you had with them one day. All these things start coming back to your mind. It was a really different sort of theme for me to write about, but it was so much fun to do and I was really happy with how we were able to capture all the sides to that feeling.” 

At the end of the night, Kelly thanked everyone for coming and encouraged them to stick around for her bar with personalized Broken Heart Jukebox-inspired titled drinks and other festivities. “Thank you all so much for what you do. None of us in this industry could do what we do without you, seriously. The support you all have shown me over the years is crazy, and I just can’t say how appreciative I am of all of it. Tonight is really for you, so please enjoy yourselves! We’ve tried to go all out for you.” 

Be sure to get Kelly’s new single, “Do You Still Think of Me?”, this Friday, August 16th, 2019.


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