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Take $5m out of Moo's acc to donate to WildAid

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As confirmed on Zendaya’s Twitter account, the star would be appearing on an episode of CBS’ Big Brother as a special guest and a competition host. Big Brother is one of the network’s highest viewed shows throughout the summer scheduling season, and Zendaya has been one of the hottest and most talked about artists these summer months. The partnership between the two should come as an obvious no brainer to fans of both. Following the announcement of her appearance on Connect, advertisements promoting it have been played on CBS to spread the word about the special episode. The details of this commercial are rather simple. It shows teaser clips of what’s going to be occurring during the next drama-filled episode. Zendaya is also seen stepping into the house, the contestants clearly awestruck by the surprise. Diary room sessions of the houseguests clamoring over the star were also featured. 


The episode opened up with the host (Julie Chen-Moonves) making an introduction to the episode, and retelling the events that happened in the previous one. Then a montage that lasted a few minutes was shown so the viewers that might have missed the episode could be recapped visually. Once the recap was over, Julie announced that a special guest would be entering the house to shake things up. That special guest was none other than the “BOHO” hitmaker, Zendaya. The pop star would then step onto the stage, welcomed by the audience with a loud applause. Her and Julie hugged briefly, the two of them walking over to two chairs that were set up on the stage. Zendaya waved to the audience, only causing them to applaud some more. 


JULIE: Thank you coming! You’re becoming quite the household name as of late. 
ZENDAYA: Awe, Julie. Thanks for having me! I’m actually a really big fan of the show. I’ve been watching every episode this seen, keeping up with the live feeds. I’m literally obsessed. A superfan, as you guys would call it. 
JULIE: That’s good to know, because we actually sent you into the house a couple of days ago to host one of the competitions. Even had a twist, that will be revealed shortly, that you were involved in. How was that like, since you are such a big fan of the show
ZENDAYA: It was really cool! I had a lot of fun there. Not to plug myself or anything, but if you’re doing another celebrity season… [winks and laughs]. I’m just saying I would totally be down for it! When my time was up, I didn’t want to leave. So I would definitely come back for a longer period of time if that was ever possible. 
JULIE: About the competition that was held… how was that like? We had the houseguests keep what happened during it a secret, so nobody would be spoiled beforehand. But do you have any hints for our viewers at home about what might’ve happened?
ZENDAYA: Hmm… how do I phrase this without giving away too much? Let me sum it up in three words. Partying. Hammers. Chaos. I’m sure that doesn’t ring any bells whatsoever, but stay tuned in! Y’all will get to see what goes down.
JULIE: You’re right, that doesn't give us any clues whatsoever. But I’m sure everyone watching is excited to find out, Again, thank you for coming onto the show.
ZENDAYA: You don’t have to thank me! It’s my pleasure, really. 
JULIE: Up next. Is Frankie really safe this week, or is his alliance lying to him? Also, will the houseguests find out about his past incident with Ariana Grande? All of that and more after the commercial break, on Big Brother. Stay tuned, because you won’t want to miss it.

During the commercial break, a commercial of Zendaya promoting “BOHO” and H&M was played. This commercial was a simple commercial, far from complex in its format. It simply featured Zendaya modeling H&M clothing with the single playing in the background. A voiceover that was similar to the one in the ‘DESCENDING INTO FASHION’ commercial with Shawn Mendes was played, the general message of individuality and embracing the things that make every human different and unique being continued within it. The other commercials during the break were unrelated, and promoted various different brands. After the couple minute long commercial break, the show finally returned to Julie. She talked further about the drama surrounding Frankie and the houseguests, and them finding him familiar in a way that made them suspicious of his character and intentions. Then the topic switched over Zendaya, and her entering the house. Clips of that were shown next.


 Zendaya was seen sneaking through the halls while the houseguests were outside lounging. She held a megaphone, peering around as she looked for them. “Where is everybody?” she whispered to herself. She searched through all of the rooms, not finding a single soul. She figured that they must have been outside then, heading there to make her presence known. She opened up the sliding doors, red megaphone with the word “BOHO” in hand. She walked over quietly, slowly raising the megaphone so she could speak into it. “Hello, houseguests! Out of the pool! We have a surprise for you.” Zendaya would yell, much to their surprise. They were unsure of who the yelling came from at first, but they soon realized that it was Zendaya calling out for them. Everyone scrambled out of the pool and dried off as quickly as they could so they could go meet her, cheering and gasping in shock. 



FRANKIE: Oh my god, I can't believe Zendaya is here! I'm like her biggest fan. 

She is shrine-worthy! She is amazing on stage and off it. 


Image result for big brother diary room bb16

NICOLE: Goshhh, I cannawt buh-lieve that THE Zendaya is here.

I love her music. I wonder what she has in store for us?


“I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m here today! I heard there’s a little competition being held? The Power of Veto competition? Well, I’m going to be hosting it! I was told to instruct all of the houseguests to head inside to dry off, so we could set up the backyard for it. Tonight, you all better return dressed to party. Make sure you’re stylish, but still able to move around a bit. See you guys then!” Zendaya said, shots of the surprised houseguests shown during this moment. After she was done speaking, Zendaya hugged some of the cast members and spoke with them. The next scene was typical of the show, featuring two of the houseguests plotting against someone else that was on the show.  They discussed their plan to have them evicted this week. 


The rest of the show followed this format, most of the scenes recapping clips that people could have viewed on CBS’ live feeds throughout the week before the episode aired. Zendaya didn’t return to the show until it was time for the competition. The houseguests were dressed up nicely, as if they were about to have a night out on the town. The backyard was decorated like a pool party, torches and neon lights scattered across the lawn. Dozens, probably around fifty, disco balls were scattered, blinking and lighting up in red. At the back of the yard, there was a stage and a live band. Zendaya stood on the stage behind a microphone. “Hello houseguests! Veto players… Welcome to the BOHO Blast competition! The five people that were picked to play will be given a bedazzled hammer. 


The goal is to smash all of the hollow disco balls across the yard. The first houseguest to smash the disco ball that contains the Power of Veto medal wins the Power of Veto medal, and the ability to save one houseguest from eviction this week. Who’s ready to play BOHO Blast.. And more importantly, who’s ready to party! Get to smashing!” Zendaya shouted into the mic, the live band behind her starting to play BOHO. The houseguests that were chosen to take part in the competition (as well as the two nominated houseguests and the Head of Household) went to grab their hammers, immediately smashing the disco balls in search of the useful medal that would give them an advantage. The houseguests that weren’t competing were treated to a live performance of BOHO and alcohol, dancing their hearts out to the catchy 80-inspired tune. About four minutes later, a winner is declared. Zendaya hopped off the stage to congratulate them. Her appearance on the show ended here. 



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@Ronlop Moo responded to a couple of people!

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CAL Twitter Update 28.8.19




Mariah will experience 5 positive boosts to followers & charts. 

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Katy Perry's negative updates decreased to 1. 

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