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July 17th, 2019


Zendaya is back and ready for a new era of music. Determined to build her career and create acclaimed material, she has returned to the studio to put extra hours into perfecting her upcoming studio album, and stepped into the spotlight to promote the music she has coming. Her new single “BOHO” debuted in the top thirty of the Hot 100, setting her up for a pretty decent start. Today Zendaya stopped by Strahan & Sarah for an interview and a following performance.


Full excerpt below.



This song is sort of an introduction to this story I’m creating and piecing together. It’s a super upbeat and fun song fit for the summer, which masks the distressing lyrics that comes along with it. This girl, the character I’m portraying, is not present. She’s living for the next high, going through the motions, wherever the wind decides to blow her. It’s a dangerous lifestyle that seems fun, appears to me glamorous. But it really isn’t. 



The music video for this single displays the meaning behind the song perfectly, I think. It has this opening scene where two people, very important to me, are walking away from me. Turning their backs. But I don’t mind it, because I’ll always have that high. The club scene, too. I’d do anything to get it, and the effects it has on me goes completely unnoticed. When I say, “I”, I mean the character. This isn’t a real life struggle I have. 



“BOHO” is probably the most pop-leaning album on this album. Not that there won’t be more Pop included, but it’s the most… how do I say this? I guess it’s the most obviously a radio song, made for the radio. Which sounds like a bad thing to some people, for whatever reason. I love radio music, I love making it. The work put into the art is still just as strenuous, the message is still there. With that being said, the rest of the songs are more experimental. Or at least experimental considering the music I’ve released in the past. Very Pop, very bubblegum. It’s a different sound for me, a different route that I’m loving. 


The performance begins with the stage dark, colored with dim purple lights that fade in and out. There is a live band behind her, the spotlight highlighting them and Zendaya when they start playing the summery track. The performance is laid back, Zendaya staying behind the mic stand for most of it. Afterwards the hosts rejoin her and thank her for coming, and also remind the audience about the single’s release.

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Since CAL Tube has been gone for awhile now, I'd need for all the missing stuff to be uploaded whether it be songs on Encore, albums, tours, videos. For now, you cannot upload on Connect yet.

Once all things will be sorted, you'll be able to use CAL Tube again and it'll be active.



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Tinashe | Dancing With The Stars


Tinashe is promoting her brand new single '6ix Shots' all over the world. After France, she's now back in America. This time the singer went on the popular dancing competition television series -- Dancing With The Stars. The singer announced this week the name and cover of her album which, according to the singer, doesn't have a release date yet. Tinashe delivered a great performance for her new single which is slowly rising on the charts, ever since its release. Things are looking promising for the pop star and this new era, we're hoping that things keep on going her way for her next endeavors.


Before the performance began, Tinashe was introduced by the host of the show: "We have a very special performer tonight, she's had a couple of hits before and she has recently released a new banger. If I say 'Wherever it leads us, let's enjoy the ride', does it ring a bell?" The crowd recognized the singer's last year single "The Ride" and started cheering. "I think you guys know who I am talking about! Well, she's here tonight to perform her song '6ix Shots' which has been announced as the lead single of her new album "Kachingwe". Please give it up for the one and only Tinashe!' The host said.


The performance started off with an acoustic version of the song, with a guitarist next to her Tinashe sang the first verse and chorus in this relaxing acoustic sound. She then switched it up for something more energetic and uptempo, the rising diva appeared on a lit stage where she was seen busting out a show-stopping, gasp-inducing dance breakdown as she was joined on stage by her dancers. Then the lights went off and as the music flipped into an upbeat remix of the track, Tinashe let loose on the dance floor with a solo routine. The crowd was very impressed with Tinashe showing out with some killer moves.


Once the dancing was over, the singer began to sing the bridge with a beautiful view of Tinashe's album cover for 'Kachingwe' which was displayed on the big screen behind her. She ended the show singing the final chorus and got a standing ovation. A win for the pop star!


The host then came up on stage and congratulated the singer on everything while holding a physical copy of '6ix Shots' which you can purchase now.


You can also pre-order Tinashe's new album 'Kachingwe' on iTunes right now.



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Michael. 39,116


Tinashe | The Late Late Night Show with James Corden


The future is looking bright for the world's next big pop star who has already sold over 6,000,000 records with her debut album alone. Tinashe is currently on a worldwide promotional tour to promote her latest single '6ix Shots' and her album that despite being announced to social media has no release date yet according to the singer.


Tinashe sat down with James Corden tonight to talk about her career and new single '6ix Shots' on the late night show -- The Late Late Show with James Corden. Check out the singer's interview and performance below.


Corden: First of all, congratulations on all the success! After a triumphant era last year, you came back with '6ix Shots' which has been well received so far. How does it feel?


Tinashe: It all feels so surreal, I think what surprised me the most is how everything happened so suddenly last year, a song can blow up so quickly nowadays and just change your life forever. It's crazy when you think about it, and to know that people are still there to support me really warms my heart.


Corden: I've always wondered how do artists come up with their music, like during the making of your songs, how do you usually process?


Tinashe: It depends to be honest, sometimes I have some lyrics in mind so I just write them down and start from there but other times I like to have a melody in mind or the full instrumental because it helps me write a song, you know, there are times when lyrics just come so naturally just by listening to the beat. That's what I did for my first single 'Anything' and this new song as well '6ix Shots, but it's not always that easy though, at times I don't know what to write about and then when I do, I don't always know how to express it through words in order to make it a song.


Corden: Your album is called 'Kachingwe' and your fans can pre-order it now. You said you weren't sure about when it was gonna be released but can you at least tell us whether there are gonna be more singles to support the album or not?


Tinashe: Honestly I haven't thought about it yet in the sense that I don't have a song in mind yet that could become the next single, I'm so focused on the lead single right now but I do think there will be a second single at some point perhaps right before the album's release and then eventually there'll be a third single. There might be some promotional singles in the meantime though, stay tuned!


Corden: You're also very active on social media, is it important for you to maintain a connection with your fans?


Tinashe: I like to keep in touch with my fans so that's important yeah, I like to know that I have this platform where I can chat with them anytime and build a growing relationship with them. Especially since last year, I've seen my fans get bigger which was thrilling for me so I certainly think so.


Then it was time for Tinashe to perform "6ix Shots", the performance began and she sang the first verse of the track, then the lights went off and the next second the singer was seen on the center of the stage busting out a show-stopping, gasp-inducing dance breakdown as she was joined on stage by her dancers and finished the performance by singing the rest of the song. James Corden joined her on stage with the 'Kachingwe' album cover and reminded the audience to purchase the song which is available everywhere now.


You can also pre-order Tinashe's new album 'Kachingwe' on iTunes right now.




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