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9 minutes ago, Ronlop said:


Connect is also available now to use! Its promotional impact returns.


The rules changed slightly to:

- You may post a Connect post every two days. You cannot post several a day or a post within a 1 day gap. 

- Your posts need to be jpeg file only



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Tinashe | UK PROMO


As you know, Tinashe has released her brand new single '6ix Shots' last week, and so far the singer has had a busy schedule promoting her new music with countless appearances on US and Europe TV shows, with the most recent apperance being on a famous popular talk show in the UK - The Jonathan Ross Show.


The singer-songwriter joined Jonathan Ross for an exclusive interview and performance of her new single. In fact, the upcoming rising star, Tinashe, joined the sofa on this week's episode of the show for an interview in which the singer spoke to Jonathan about her career, working with big producers in the industry and her new song.


Once the episode starts the 24-year-old former child actor spoke about starting her career as a child: "I appeared in a few episodes of Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones and many other people I had the chance to meet and work with so at that young age that was an extraordinary opportunity for me."


"But that was not what you wanted for your career, become an actress, was it?" Jonathan asked.


"Not really, I wanted to focus on music that's why I left the show to be able to dedicate my time on being a musician. I was pretty young so it was time for me to chose one or the other for people to know what I I really am, an artist, and for them to take me seriously." Tinashe replied.


"I've heard you began your musical career in a girl group, is that true?" He asked.


"Yes, the group was called The Stunners and we were just a group of young girls sharing the same interest for music, you know, it was a lot of fun." She said.


On getting signed to a label: "I knew I wouldn't be in a group forever so when I signed a deal with Everest Records, I was just happy to find a label that understood my vision as an artist and here I am in your show today talking about my new song from my second studio album, it's crazy right?"


Tinashe then opened up about working with DJ Mustard for her new single '6ix Shots': "It was absolutely incredible, he's a very well-known producer in the industry and have worked with so many big artists that I love so it was an honour for me to work with him, it opened so many doors for me, I honestly couldn't be more grateful" She said.


Jonhatan then reminded the audience that Tinashe was performing her brand new single, '6ix Shots', later on the show. "I personally love the song, what's the next step for you now?" He asked.


"Thank you! Well, I hope to tour here in the UK very soon once my album comes out, that'd be my first time on tour! But my main goal right now is putting out this new album 'Kachingwe', that has been hidden for a while now and that you can pre-order now as well" She replied.


Once the interview was over, the host said: "I'm sure great things are coming your way, it was great to have you here Tinashe!"


Afterwards at the end of the show, it was time for Tinashe to perform and her performance was announced by the host: "Here to perform her brand new single '6ix Shots', please welcome to the stage the incredible Tinashe!" 


The host then came up on stage and congratulated the singer on everything while holding a physical copy of '6ix Shots' which you can purchase now.


You can also pre-order Tinashe's new album 'Kachingwe' on iTunes right now.



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Tinashe | UK PROMO


The pop sensation Tinashe who disappeared from the mainstream scene after the release of her debut album 'Rewind' last year, made some noise earlier this week when she dropped a new single entitled '6ix Shots' after making the announcement on social media which drove her fans crazy.


The single went to sell over 125,000 copies in its first week while debuting at #21 on the worldwide charts and while it's still climbing in the UK, the singer went there this week to perform her new song on the morning TV show -- Good Morning Britain. Check out the interview:


You revealed last week during the release week of your new single '6ix Shots', the cover and title of your second studio album 'Kachingwe' that was made available for pre-order that same day. How’s the progress on this new exciting project of yours?


I'm still working on it, it's just a very hard process especially when you're also busy traveling around the world promoting the stuff that you've already put out but i'm excited to share it with the world, most definitely. I want this album to satisfy me, I'm not seeking perfection like I was with 'Rewind' last year so this new album is really about me and for me and nothing else.


Who did you work with for '6ix Shots' and how was it like?


Creating this song was honestly the easiest process ever, not only did I love writing it and I had the chance to work with DJ Mustard who is one of the best producers right now, but it also felt so natural. Everything was done so quickly, it was so natural to create this new single, which explains why the decision to release it first was made so spontaneously.


You started your career earlier on in acting, how much is acting still part of your career?


Acting was a great opportunity, you know, it was a way for me to meet important people in the business and know how the acting world works. It could only be beneficial to me because I had nothing to lose at that time but music has always been more important to me so I want people to recognize me as a serious musician and not an actor, but I'm not against getting back into acting in the future.


What are your next projects for the future because we suppose this new single is only an exciting glimpse of everything that is coming for you?


Right now, I'm only focused and excited to release my album, but I hope to become more etablished with this new album. Reaching eventually global stardom wouldn't be bad to me, I definitely want to be a mainstream force and that's what I aspire to be.


Then it was time for Tinashe to perform '6ix Shots' on the show which you can purchase now.

You can also pre-order Tinashe's new album 'Kachingwe' on iTunes right now.


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