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i can’t believe this youtube beauty guru drama generated this much press orangu1 in the end it’s white racists going up against other white racists. hope they all lose and self destruct. orangu1 

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21 hours ago, Hermione said:

But it's really unfair to stop paying attention to James's side once he actually came forward with receipts and vindicated himself against their allegations. Tati and Jeffree have so much explaining to do after James's video (if you actually watched it he exposed them right back), but all of a sudden they want to move on and stay above the drama now that they're the ones who look bad.

People on twitter found out that he didn't post some parts of the messages, he used only the parts that will make the others look bad. I don't know if is true but i wouldn't be shocked by his rat ass.


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Tati and Jeffrey are disgusting pieces of shits, James Im sorry and the fact that he is forgiving them so easily.................. These conniving jealous snakes actually went to depths to destroy his career. Make no mistake, she deleted the video not because she was sorry but because if her ass was taken to court, she would have lost millions to James and I hope he destroys them for filth. 

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