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Remove the filler from Ariana's albums

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Urbanov    45,906
17 hours ago, Venom said:

Thank U Next

  1. Bloodline
  2. Needy
  3. Ghostin
  4. In My Head
  5. Thank U Next



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Violet    662

yours truly

  1. honeymoon avenue
  2. right there
  3. tattooed heart
  4. lovin' it
  5. daydreamin'
  6. the way
  7. almost is never enough

my everything


  1. intro
  2. one last time
  3. break free
  4. best mistake
  5. be my baby
  6. just a little bit of your heart
  7. my everything


dangerous woman


  1. moonlight
  2. dangerous woman
  3. be alright
  4. into you
  5. let me love you
  6. leave me lonely
  7. touch it


  1. raindrops
  2. r.e.m.
  3. god is a woman 
  4. successful
  5. everytime
  6. breathin
  7. no tears left to cry
  8. better off
  9. goodnight n go
  10. pete davidson
  11. get well soon

thank u, next

  1. imagine
  2. needy
  3. nasa
  4. bloodline
  5. fake smile
  6. bad idea
  7. ghostin
  8. 7 rings
  9. thank u, next

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