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The 18 tracks of Madame X / 40 editions - explanation

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There have been a few conflicting rumours about the content of the Deluxe Edition of Madame X, mainly because the bonus tracks on the second disc were never mentioned in detail by the official press releases.

With the new album now ready to hit the stores on Friday, we can confirm that the disc 2 is indeed an audio CD with three unreleased songs, and the tracklisting is the same one we first published in April.


The tracklisting of CD 2 is:

1. Fuana (Ciccone/Ahmadzai) produced by Madonna and Mirwais.

2. Back That Up To The Beat (Ciccone/Hazzard/Williams), produced by Madonna, Jeff Bhasker, Mike Dean, Pharrell Williams.

3. Ciao Bella (Ciccone/Ahmadzai) produced by Madonna and Mirwais.


Madonna herself mentioned the bonus tracks in her interview with French magazine Têtu, crediting Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean descent Dino D’Santiago for helping her and introducing her to Portuguese music, also working as an interface with the musicians from Cape Verde they worked with. Madonna made Funana with Dino D’Santiago while singer Kimi Djabate from Guinea-Bissau sings on Ciao Bella.

As many spotted out already, Back That Up To The Beat is a creation of Madonna and Pharrell Williams – making his entrance in the roaster of the Madame X co-producers – together with Starrah.

The Deluxe Edition CD of Madame X is available in the hardcover edition as well as in the Deluxe Boxset of the album together with the 13 track Compact Cassette, a double poster, a temporary tattoo sheet and the 2-track 7″ picture disc with I Rise, featuring the “rainbow M” artwork on Side A and the cover artwork with I Rise (instrumental) on Side B.


CD 1

1. Medellín feat Maluma

2. Dark Ballet

3. God Control

4. Future feat Quavo

5. Batuka

6. Killers Who Are Partying

7. Crave feat Swae Lee

8. Crazy

9. Come Alive

10. Extreme Occident

11. Faz Gostoso feat Anitta

12. Bitch I’m Loca feat Maluma

13. I Don’t Search I Find

14. Looking for Mercy

15. I Rise

CD 2 (bonus tracks)

1. Fuana

2. Back That Up To The Beat

3. Ciao Bella


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Robi    1,030

I hope these three songs are good enough to make people bother to swap CDs around 😂😂😂😂


And what I hate already is the fact that book edition will have fucking pockets so good luck in keeping your CDs free of scratches 



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Adriano    859

it's like the several windows os.

just release the 18 tracks, i bet those 3 extra super ultra deluxe are better than future/I Rise.

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