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The Guardian names “Umbrella”,”Work” & “Wild Thoughts” as best summer songs

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Rihanna Umbrella

Security banned umbrellas from her gigs following complaints that people were getting poked in the eye. A summer song worth risking a cornea for, in our opinion.SW


Rihanna ft Drake Work

Work is sweat; it’s sand in your crevices; it’s that cool drip of water racing down the side of a pre-mixed cocktail can towards your thigh. Work is summer in a song; it’s dry-humping anything that moves; it’s Lilt; it’s Rihanna in excelsis; and it’s so good it doesn’t matter that Drake almost ruins it. MC


DJ Khaled Wild Thoughts

You, a low-ceilinged club with sweat on the walls, some very earnest chats with strangers in the bathroom, holding a can of beer to your head in a futile attempt to cool your blood: summer is here, and Wild Thoughts is the capital-H Horny soundtrack to it all. That said, the “burned out, cremation” line shouldn’t have got past as many people as it did. JG 


full list here: 


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