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Create the Younger Now Tour!

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DW    5,443

Since we didn't got a tour for this album, It would be fun to create a tour for it.

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Lachlan    17,888

I've had this sitting in my computer for a while actually! I would love to see this show in real life. bebe1 It has all of Younger Now + a couple of her notable covers + a couple of Dead Petz songs that fit the narrative of the show I'm trying to create. The old hits would be remixed to be a little more country/rock tinged.


1. Younger Now

2. Thinkin'

3. Bad Mood

4. Week Without You

5. Love Someone

6. She's Not Him

7. Wrecking Ball

8. Jolene

9. Karen Don't Be Sad

10. Don't Dream It's Over

11. Inspired

12. I Get So Scared

13. Adore You

14. I Would Die for You

15. Miss You So Much

16. Rainbowland

17. Malibu


18. We Can't Stop

19. Party In the USA

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Chris Morlock    43,036

i havent heard the album since my first listen aside from the gorgeous singles, but i'd have the opener be Malibu, then play most of the singles in reverse order of their release and finish on See You Again and encore for Younger Now and Best of Both Worlds. whit1 


coincidentally, it fits on one disc whit1 

  1. Malibu (The Him mix tour edit)
  2. Bad Mood
  3. Inspired
  4. Dooo It!
  5. BB Talk (shortened)
  6. 1 Sun
  7. Wrecking Ball
  8. We Can't Stop
  9. Adore You
  10. Hands of Love
  11. Who Owns My Heart
  12. Can't Be Tamed
  13. Robot
  14. Party in the USA
  15. When I Look at You
  16. The Climb
  17. 7 Things
  18. Fly on the Wall
  19. Start All Over
  20. See You Again
  21. Younger Now
  22. The Best of Both Worlds

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DW    5,443

I thought about making it like "all her eras in one era" tour and devide all songs into her 5 albums. All singles would be changed to the YN sound.


Younger Now
7 Things
Fly On The Wall
These Four Walls

The Climb
When I Look At You
Party In The USA
Week Without You

Miss You So Much
Can't Be Tamed
My Heart Beats For Love
I Would Die For You

We Can't Stop
Wrecking Ball
Bad Mood

Love Someone
Something About Space Dude
Twinkle Song

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