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Madonna - World Pride NYC

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1 hour ago, Agent X said:

Ray of Light could be on the setlist too, judging by her Instagram.

Perhaps, the pic above with guitar is ROL. Or AL. lol1 


Music is also rumored. 

I think it's American Life. rav2

She's going political, it's Stonewall's riots 50th anniversary after all. (?)

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Some updates:

- "Into The Groove" in NYC:

- There's rain and wind...


- ...and people were evacuating.

- Like... for real (?)


- There's also camera men ready to work. Idk if its for the screens or if they're going to record it for a livestream or her YT channel.


- However, here's a POSSIBLE link to a stream of her performance: 



That's all so far. demi1

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Spy theme was great. I hope it will be a part of Madame X tour. That thing could be so dramatic and cinematic as the first segment. I liked it. The dancers in those costumes, the choreography..

The whole Grande family are a bunch of STANS. I will go to see it!

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