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Britney sweetie...

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3 minutes ago, kminogues said:

The comments ayumi1 How could she not notice that? Or did she think people would write it off as the mirror warping? 

at this point, I think she doesn't really care what the people would think at all katy9

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She's not the first to do this and certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately this is the world we're living, where people are not happy with anything. They always want to complain about something


Britney fans are always criticising her body as well as the media. Anyway, I hope she's okay with her body image

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14 hours ago, Bionic Monster said:

This makes me sad. Seems like she has some body image issues.

I think she does too and the fact that this was badly edited goes to show that it’s very likely that she’s the one manipulating her pictures and not her team who I assume would have done a better job if they were behind this. 

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britney really said "fuck this shit i'm doing it before they do it!" 

She’s already skinny and in great shape, it saddens me she’s doing this 

The cabinet i-  Not her posting this after exposing that paparazzi photoshopping her photos  https://www.instagram.com/p/BzO1G3uAaPQ/ (the link won't embed )

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