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Ur top5 best mv of Politicaldonna (with poll)

Madonna best political music videos  

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  1. 1. Which music videos best succeed in delivering a powerful political message?

    • Material Girl (sarcasm against materialist society)
    • Papa Don't Preach (abortion debate)
    • Like a Prayer (fight against racism)
    • Express Yourself (fight for freedom and women rights)
    • Erotica (freedom of expression, challenge the censorship and expose narrow minded mentality of society)
    • Take a Bow (tragedy of human and bulls lives put at risk just for entertinment of the folks)
    • What It Feels Like for a Girl (break the rules, challenge the system and fight for women rights)
    • American Life (war and soldiers's lives)
    • Die Another Day (torture horrors)
    • Hollywood (fame obsession)
    • 4 Minutes (urge to change the world cuz there isn't much time left)
    • Ghostown (risk of nuclear wars and to wipe out the humanity)
    • Dark Ballet (fight for freedom, gay rights and agaisnt the perpetuation of crimes)
    • I Rise (fight for gay rights and against injustices)
    • God Control (necessity of gun control)
    • Other (plz specify)

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Madonna is one of the rare artists that use their platform to speak up for human rights and deliver strong political messages. Madame X era is the proof that she's still very current and in touch with the most urgent issues of our times, like gun violence. GC music video is one of her best attempt to deliver a political message in a music video, imo. 

Which is your top5 best music videos that pull a political message in an admirably way? 

This is mine 

  1. God Control: I just love the visuals, the concept and the perspective chosen to deal with such topic. 
  2. American Life: Another extremely important topic like war is delivered with amazing visuals and a brilliant approach. 
  3. Like a Prayer: The political message is very strong especially if put it in that context in the US at that time. She was so fearless in denouncing racism.
  4. Die Another Day: The torture scenes in the prison, especially when they force her head down the water and the electric chair are powerful visual that invite to reflect on the fact that those thing still happen in some parts of the world.
  5. Erotica: I love the way she push the boundaries of censorship, showing at the same time the narrow minded mentality of society.


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