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Freaky Prince

Rate Gaga's album covers

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  1. The Fame: 10
  2. The Fame Monster (Blonde): 6
  3. The Fame Monster (Black): 6
  4. Born this Way (Standard): 10
  5. Born This Way (Deluxe): 10
  6. ARTPOP: 10
  7. Joanne: 7.5

TFM covers get low scores, because I HATE black and white covers brit15 

I'm not that keen on Joanne cover as well, because I'm not into covers that are just the artist posing in front of a plain background. Give me set, theatrics etc etc bitch brit15 Something like these would've been far better.


Or something like the Vanity Fair Italy shoot.

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1. The Fame 8

2. The Fame Monster (Blonde) 10

3. The Fame Monster (Black) 7

4. Born this Way (Standard) 6

5. Born this Way (Deluxe) 8


7. Cheek to Cheek (deluxe) 6

8. Joanne (5)

9. A Star is Born (7.5) 

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The Fame: 8 - Simply iconic dead7 
The Fame Monster (Blonde): 7 - Iconic wig oprah2 
The Fame Monster (Black): 9 - Her first black hair look cry1 Truly so dark and perfectly encapsulates the fear theme of the EP.
Born this Way (Standard): 8 - STOP DRAGGING THIS alex1 It's cute and an ode to the road/driving references/aesthetics of the album.
Born This Way (Deluxe): 9 - Iconic portrait, iconic black and white with red, iconic mouth pose, hair flawlessly flowing... oprah7 
ARTPOP: 7 - Gorgeous colours, beautiful statues... demi1 
Joanne: 4 - Boring and bland like the album orangu1 Weird we never got any other photos from that set.

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On 7/31/2019 at 1:28 PM, Phoebe said:
  1. The Fame: 10
  2. The Fame Monster (Blonde): 10
  3. The Fame Monster (Black): 10
  4. Born This Way (Standard): 6
  5. Born This Way (Deluxe): 5
  6. ARTPOP: 9
  7. Joanne: 9

Was it crack? Whew chile anyway...

  • The Fame: 8,5
  • The Fame Monster (Blonde): 9
  • The Fame Monster (Black): 10
  • Born This Way (Standard): 3
  • Born This Way (Deluxe): 2
  • ARTPOP: 10
  • Joanne: 1
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Rank them from 1 to 10. The Fame: The Fame Monster (Blonde): The Fame Monster (Black): Born this Way (Standard): Born This Way (Deluxe): ARTPOP: Joann

The Fame: 10 The Fame Monster (Blonde): 6 The Fame Monster (Black): 6 Born this Way (Standard): 10 Born This Way (Deluxe): 10 ARTPOP: 10 Joanne: 7.5 TF

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