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ok did Madame X age like Wine or Milk for you ?

Madame X   

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  1. 1. Milk or Vine

    • aged horrible, Madame Fillers Milk is thick
    • Wine like from Angelina Jolies Castle in South France

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On 8/5/2019 at 9:48 PM, Beyoncé said:

Am I missing something with ‘God Control’?? I personally think that it’s the best song on the album but I don’t consider it a masterpiece, or in her top 10 songs as many others have said on here. Maybe I just haven’t listened to it enough.

I mean the way it blends disco with gospel choir with vocodered vocals and mumble-rap makes it one of Madonna's most ambitious songs ever. On top of that, it is easily one of Madonna's most political songs ever. It is an highly unusual song that makes you dance while thinking about serious issues. Brilliant and rebellious. This song is way superior to Vogue, imho oprah7

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Cannot really vote. Like much of my Madonna’s favorite, it is a moody record and I haven’t paid much attention to it lately. I would say that it is def not milk, but one of those great wines that you appreciate from times to times when it is the right occasion

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Both Rebel Heart and Madame X were missed opportunities- Rebel Heart wasn’t her fault though. And it’s also a goddamn classic! Madame X aged like wine, but I think it could’ve aged like bourbon if it was the reinvention-threading concept album I thought it was gonna be. It was the only thing that kind of makes sense after the career retrospective of Rebel Heart.

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It was already milk that was close to its expiration date and now it's turned into yogurt.  Still better than MDNo though.  

Milk tbh  


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