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FOTP's Set Swap | 2019

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15 hours ago, jacs vs looser said:

I love the pics in your current set, where are they from?

The album artwork and single artwork the the album called Mr. Pain and the single (I think) Spellbound by the band Dayshell. They truly are a good rock band. This is their 2nd album I believe.

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Set swap pairings have been sent out to everyone and it is now time to create your sets! You have until August 23rd to PM me your completed sets! Remember, be creative and be messy! You and your partner could win a month of FREE VIP from it! 



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Reminder to PLEASE get your sets in by TOMORROW at the very latest! And by that, no I don't mean at midnight you lazy cows! Sets will need to be distributed as well so the longerr you wait, the longer everyone else has to wait. Don't be that person please and thank you.

Also, a few of you made like, real sets? Which is cute and I'll still give them to your partner but like, try to be fun and messy as that's the whole point. Ok that is all. Get your sets in to me ASAP. xx


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It's not like distributing sets to our partners will take hours or days, Divine. And it's not like we need hours to change our current sets to the new ones. That's assuming you don't use pigeon post to carry our sets around. jj2

That being said, no worries, you will get it long enough before midnight. ari5

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