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Freaky Prince

40 y/o rapper, Nicki Minaj Petty, beefing with teenagers on Instagram

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3 minutes ago, Liam said:

bitch is getting brave now that Megan helped her to another top ten hit

And it doesn't change the fact that she couldn't get a solo hit if her life depended on it. gag1 

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3 hours ago, Freaky Prince said:

Guess it's forever really over for Miss Petty gag1

Wait...is her last name actually Petty now? Did she marry the rapist? I have to fucking laugh. What an excellent last name for her. gag1 

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7 hours ago, Darth Sidious said:

I really don’t get why she does this, she is a millionaire dozens of times over, she’s internationally famous — but she has time to get into pissing contests with strangers over the internet? 

It was ok when Cardi did It tho? 

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