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Carly Rae Jepsen | The Loneliest Time | October 21, 2022

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1 hour ago, Carly Rae Jepsen #1 said:

@ajp The album is available at many stores in limited number now. But according to the American/Canadian law, the cashiers are NOT allowed to scan the album if people buy it BEFORE 21 October. So she doesn't lose any copies for her first week sales.


Yes, Product is often sent out to stores a week before release. Most stores get their orders on Monday or Tuesday. They are marked as DNS (Do not sell) until a release date. They can be received and added to store inventory but to prevent confusion, they sit behind the counter until Friday morning - release day.

But, that only applies to a big box retailer like Target or Walmart. If product shows up to a independent record store that does everything manually, there could be errors and stuff put on a sales floor before release day. 

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@ajp  Based on HDD prediction of 14/10 week, TLT is locked for a #8 debut for 21/10

Top 10 of week 21/10 will be:

1. Trashlor (1,2 million first week) (will plummet 95% second week like her last albums)

2. Arctic Monkeys (100k)

3. san benito  (73k)

4. morgan wallen (44k)

5. the weekend (37k)

6. harry styles (33k)

7. beyonce (32k)

8. carly (similar to dedicated's number)

Important note: Top 8 above is Billboard 200 chart (#3 and #7 are bigger than Carly in streaming but much less than Carly in pure sales so they chart higher).

Regarding Billboard Top Album Sales Chart, Carly is locked for a #3 debut after Trashlor and Arctic Monkeys.

AJ: can't wait for you to buy Carly's album on 21/10.


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In an interview CRJ did with The Grammys.com - she has already discussed with her label A&R about what tracks will go on TLT - Side B oprah10


Oh, and to end the discussion on what album she is on…CRJ and her label don’t count the Side Bs as “studio albums” in her contract. So TLT was CRJ5 kylie6

Which also begs the question…is this 4th album with Interscope her last in her contract obligations? um1

If there is no Side B released on October 26, 2023 - then we know our answer. nat1



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7 hours ago, Carly Rae Jepsen #1 said:

@ajp Based on iTunes chart performance, Carly will debut at:

Canada: #3

USA: #8

UK: #8

Australia: #6

Well,  that’s optimistic cause by the end of the week her numbers begin to drop. She really needs good consistent streaming numbers to help out. 

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3 minutes ago, Verona said:

I have been seeing Tik Tok reels using TLT. I hope this become a cute hit for her, she deserves success giveup3

She doesn’t release songs to radio anymore, so her songs will never be hits but it does help with the promo of her album and tour.


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