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Carly Rae Jepsen | The Loneliest Time | October 21, 2022

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1 hour ago, Hyun. said:

@ajp she's trolling with Disco Sweat, but there's a new single coming produced by Jack Antonoff whit2

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What?! oprah10

She is so sneaky! That quarantine album is coming yas2


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On 8/7/2020 at 6:15 PM, Hyun. said:

now i'm in fear bc she's constantly said it's a terrible album rip2

inb4 shes releases it as "i told yall its shit but yall bullied me into releasing it" rip2 

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In a new interview in ELLE magazine today, CRJ says that her new music is “funk” :


Over Zoom, Jepsen opens up to ELLE about new music, her creative process in quarantine (think funk, then think funkier), and what it means to celebrate E•MO•TION half a decade later.

Have you done a lot of writing over quarantine?

The most awkward thing for me so far has been trying to do writing sessions over Zoom. You're trying to spark creativity with, sometimes, a complete stranger. It's just a really awkward beginning process. We're staring at each other like, "Can I call you back when we each have some ideas?" [Laughs]

I'm always writing, chipping away at a couple ideas here and there. Right now I would say it's been the most successful with my guitarist Tavish [Crowe], who's based in Canada, just because we are really used to each other's flow and I don't feel self-conscious sending him a voice memo, even if it sounds crap. I know he trusts that we'll get it to the right place. So I am kind of writing a lot, but not necessarily landing on exactly what it is I want to share next. Just kind of experimenting. 


But you do a lot of that, right? Historically, don't you enjoy feeling out where you want to go before you actually get there?

Yeah, I do. I think you're exactly right. I like to allow myself to play. Sometimes that means almost going too far with something. I'm really liking funk sounds right now, so that's been really fun, but it's shocking when you hear what's coming from my little studio. It's not what you would expect.


I know there was a scrapped album of folkier material after Kiss, before E•MO•TION. And I know there was a scrapped disco album before Dedicated. As a writer, does it help your process to work experiments out of your system?

One hundred percent. For me, writing songs is like this muscle to continue exercising. Even with these Zoom sessions where I'm working with a complete stranger, I'll say out loud, “The pressure's off. Today's goal is: Let's just write a really bad song.” Because sometimes that will get you going and you'll stop thinking about it being perfect, versus, “Can we be creative together in any capacity?” 

Once you get to know your strengths and weaknesses with the person, then you're off to the races. But to answer your question, I do really like to indulge. Right now I'm getting really funky and almost cheesy with it, but I know that's part of the process before I pull it back a bit to a place that feels authentic and a little cooler.

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So, now we know CRJ5 wasn’t the Christmas Album in 2020 oprah14

But....the rumours of it being “Disco Sweat” are still there. Again, this tweet was posted today and then taken down. I managed to capture it but did not see the 2 comments posted with it (before they deleted the tweet):




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She posted this on her Instagram Story. She has her whiteboard out and is deciding which songs will make CRJ5. We are in the beginning stages of a new era, kids!  alex1

*Instagram photo now since deleted*

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She’s working with Patrik Berger on CRJ5  yas1

*instagram photo now deleted*

I’ll Be Your Girl

For Sure

Summer Love

Now I Don’t Hate California After All



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Still no album but after weeks of not posting anything on social media, she posted a shot of herself and 2 indie artists (Iman Royal & Alex Maax) on Instagram, while in San Francisco.



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On 10/21/2020 at 8:18 AM, ajp said:

After working on Emotion and Dedicated sessions, Nate Campany stated that he hasn’t worked on tracks for the new CRJ5era bummer1


50 unreleased songs, too cry5


Despite stating last fall that he wasn’t (or hadn’t) worked on any new CRJ5 tracks, Nate Campany posted an Instagram Q&A that he has recently been working with CRJ on new tracks. I wonder if any of the 50 unreleased songs will get re-worked for CRJ5? nat1


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