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Chris's Top 10 In This Moment ballads.

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Chris Morlock    44,351

so in celebration of me (almost) hitting 55,555 posts, im going to share my top 10 fav ballads from my fav female-led rock/metal band In This Moment.

and also in honour of the new record called Mother to be released this fall cry0 

lyrics will be linked in the title of each song if you just wanna read the lyrics before listening.



Honourable Mention: Sailing Away. (2009)

A bonus track on their 2nd studio album, The Dream. also released on the Call Me EP, which both includes their cover of Blondie's classic song Call Me.


Ten: Out of Hell. (2014)

The closing track of the band's 5th studio album Black Widow.

The song tells of the struggles youth may have of a troubled upbringing.


Nine: In the Air Tonight. (2017)

A cover of Phil Colin's song released on the band's 6th studio album Ritual.


Eight: The Blood Legion. (2013)

The 13th track on the band's 4th studio album Blood.

The song is about the band's relationship with their fans, dubbed The Blood Legion.


Seven: A Star-Crossed Wasteland. (2010)

The title track of the band's 3rd studio album A Star-Crossed Wasteland.

This song is about someone waiting for their lover to return to them after what could have been a fight between them ends.


Six: Scarlet. (2013)

The 8th track on the band's 4th studio album Blood.

This song has a few interpretations. One is that it could be about gay lovers in a forbidden relationship. Another interpretation is that it could be a love triangle in which an ex-lover is still holding onto a mutually abusive relationship. It could also be about womanhood, and that men will never know the pain of a period/childbirth, and even though she's constantly called weak for being a girl, and told she doesn't belong in metal, Maria clings to her femininity and its determined to prove that women are equal, if not better, than the very men who put women down.


Five: Lay Your Gun Down. (2017)

The closing track of the band's 6th studio album Ritual.

The song symbolizes a complicated relationship going wrong, whether the relationship is between lovers or friends. Each person had said or done something to hurt the other and eventually took everything good out of what the relationship once was.

Four: 11:11. (2013)

The closing track of the band's 4th studio album Blood.

The song is about knowing that even though death is inevitable, the time you spent in life, you know you've had some sort of love.


Three: The Fighter. (2014)

The 9th track on the band's 5th studio album Black Widow.

The song alludes to how people are afraid to die and once you realize that nothing can completely prevent death, you finally feel like you've "come alive".


Two: World in Flames. (2010)

The closing track of the band's 3rd studio album A Star-Crossed Wasteland.

The song is about a troubled relationship where she was left alone in the end despite waiting for her lover to return home while everything around her is burning to ash. This song could also be a continuation to the song A Star-Crossed Wasteland.


One: Into the Light (Live). (2014)

The original track was released on the band's 2nd studio album The Dream in 2010, however my fav version of the song was the live recording from the live album Blood at the Orpheumin 2014 and appeared on the band's 2015 compilation album Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits Chapter One.

The song was written for a few different deaths. specifically when a 15 year old fan had died while listening to their song off their 1st album Beautiful Tragedy (2007) called He Said Eternity. He Said Eternity is about the lead singer, Maria losing her mother and how she had to let go of her mother's passing. Into the Light is more of a hopeful song about the moment when you finally say goodbye to a loved one (human or pet) and you are finally free to let go.



heres all of their lyrics of you wish to look at all of their songs. https://www.azlyrics.com/i/inthismoment.html

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Karmacode AJ    39

Into The Light gets me hardcore Especially the live version Maria's vocals are omg. I love Scarlet. All these songs are omg! I love ITM. fall3

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