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Mr. Mendes    2,619


Thank you to @ryjapofor the logo

The internet's messiest music simulation game is here and this time, it's only for the people who are relatively good at it! 

CAL Stars is an 8-week engagement that celebrates the best of the best of this game. You all have been hand-selected by our panel and recognized as star players. CAL Stars: Season 1 will begin on September 6th, and running to November 1st. 

The winner of CAL Stars will receive the World Cup and be honored with an Icon Award at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. If that doesn't convince well I'm not sure what will so just play for fun I guess!

Now let's get into how CAL Stars actually works. Each week, there will be a weekly challenge. This weekly challenge may be a variety of things, from releasing a single, to writing a tell-all magazine cover story, to teaming up with another player on a campaign. Your job is to complete the challenge throughout the week following the instructions that are handed out in every challenge announcement. Your work will be judged on a set of certain criteria. 


Every week, there will be a winner declared. The winner will be chosen based off two how well you performed in the challenge. 

Now, apart from a winner, there will also be a Bottom 2. These are the worst performing players of the week, both in the challenge and on the charts. The winner has a choice. They may either 1) Choose immunity for the following week, or 2) Choose to eliminate one of the Bottom 2. If the winner chooses immunity for the following week, then the players who are safe will choose the player to be eliminated

Now, week by week, the players will be dwindling until we reach the Top 4 finalists. From these 4 finalists, I will be choosing the winner of CAL Stars: Season 1. Now, we may have an extended panel of judges but TBA on that. Once I get that set up I'll be sure to let you all know!

So that's basically it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Don't be Disco!










@Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism




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Ronlop    6,682

Good luck to everyone involved!! wub1

This should be fun and it will freshen things up abit tbh

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