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Lover surpasses 3 million units in Global Consumption

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Lover    179,167

Republic released a new statement saying the album has surpassed 3 million units in global consumption by the end of its first week:



This is absolutely massive since Reputation is ~only~ at around 8 million after two years. However, don’t confuse this with its first week numbers. It’ll likely open with 1.1-1.2M globally (UWC) since they don’t count China and this 3M number is a combination of all its total units. But still massive nevertheless since she’s likely going to outdo Reputation’s numbers some day despite less pure sales.


A breakdown:

1M+ China

850K+ US

300-400K rest of the world

700-800K pre-release SPS units (the units already accumulated from the singles)

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RepuTAYtion    3,433

Oh wow I never realized that China doesn’t count. 


This is is so impressive. She’s so legendary..


pS. Why do you think Lover will eventually outdo reputation? 

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Ghostface    7,516

If I am not mistaken, Lover surpassed 2 million units globally after first day and managed to gain another million consumption units after whole first week? Well, that is truly great. 

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