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Big Brother: Lover

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1 minute ago, Ghostface said:

That means they had to put all of the remaining songs in the randomizer in order they are on the album ( excluding their songs of course ) and to consider only those randmoized/placed at #3 and #4 for actual nominations ( as both of their songs - Lover and The Man are placed at those two numbers on the album ) ultimately choosing only two nominees.

not me finally getting it once i read this wendy3

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2 minutes ago, Daenerys said:

not me finally getting it once i read this wendy3

Just now, Ghostface said:

I always get it across clearer the second time I write it. Luckily, Hyun. could decipher all of that good enough. jj2

yes i'm the smart one out of the two wendy3

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Well, @Eclipsa haven't eclipsed us eventually. jj2


But, there was definitely sunsetting in plans for Afterlight, I mean Afterglow considering 4 players considered it was time for its departure. @Divine thank you for being part of this and being always co-operative. Everyone, including my highness ( jj5 ), will miss your reactions during your nominations as HoH, but we still count on you during the final of the game.

False God earned 2 legitimate votes against its stay thus surviving and making @Lover new HoH in the process. Now, we are left with "only" seven songs ( and we know how @Freaky Prince reacted when there were "only" seven songs evicted at some point in the game, hopefully this reverse situation pleases him ) and interesting thing is also we are heading to the final point of the 2/3rds of the game. Also, 2/3rds of players voted against Afterglow in previous round and naturally we will follow that logical flow putting in danger 1/3rd of remaining songs. jj5 How this will be done though? Some of the lyrics in False God mention blind fate and does anybody know what rhymes with fate? DATE ( hint: blind date ). jj2 Lover will have to do this before next round starts: he will have to form three different pairs out of six remaining songs. This will be in a similar vein to what Divine was doing in round nine while creating three different groups of three songs each. Now, the pool of songs is smaller, so Lover will be creating pairs. He can pair the rest of the songs in which way he wants/likes, but each pair has to contain two different songs. Also, each pair will be marked with letters A, B, C.


  • Pair A ( song 1, song 2 );
  • Pair B ( song 3, song 4 );
  • Pair C ( song 5, song 6 ).

The other difference in this case is that other members/players will choose pair A or B or C in this thread ( of course no one, except Lover and me won't know which pair contains which two songs ) and the pair which gets the most votes from all of you will reveal which two songs will be competing for further stay in next round.

So, Lover when you finish creating pairs ( again however you want them to look like ), please mark each one of them with A, B and C and then proceed sending all of that to me via PM. 


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