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Big Brother: Lover

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Clear enough, but we can’t really put finishing touch without @Freaky Prince‘s contribution, can we? jj2 And it is always interesting to see all the votes. 


1. False God - Hyun.

2. False God - CharnyBoy

3. False God - Daenerys

4. The Man - Taylor



Also, why would @Daenerys accuse @Lover of being sexist in PM? jj5

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Duty ( and the honour at the same time ) of closing the top 5 belongs to False God which earned most votes for being evicted in previous round. Greatly thankful to never-late ( jj5 ) @Lover for deciding to join the game and we expect you during the final round. Shouldn't be that far away. jj2


Quickly heading to ROUND FIFTEEN. Considering there are 4 songs left:

  • Lover
  • The Man
  • Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
  • Cornelia Street

each of you will be voting for the song you don't want to see further in the game and eventually surviving into top 3. jj2 Considering The Man was the song that managed to pull through in previous round, @Daenerys will take special task as his vote will count DOUBLE ( a little bit modified HoH position jj5 ). Also, I will ask Daenerys to inform me via PM which song he decides to vote off. Everyone else can cast their votes right away.





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Believe it or not, but we are heading to present top 3 soon enough. jj2


As everyone could see, every song except Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince got one vote for being possibly evicted. @Daenerys as the 14th's round winner had to pick one of the remaining songs to evict via PM while his vote counted double in value. So far, Lover, The Man and Cornelia Street each got 1 negative vote. That doesn't mean Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince is safe though. jj5 But lets see which song didn't earn Daenerys's support. It is:


Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street gathered 1 vote during this round's voting cycle and and one negative vote from our HoH meaning it's 3 votes for being taken out in total. Thank you @CharnyBoy for being part of the game and keeping up with it. The grand final is close enough, so we hope and must invite to see you there.  


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18 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

So am I like the new HOH and get to decide which song I want out before the finale? Cuz you know, I got 0 votes last round katy2

Well, the next round is being in process of being scripted. You do have a role, but lets just say it is rather ( half )-passive one. jj2

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This is for @Freaky Prince @Lover @CharnyBoy and @Eclipsa you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch why you took afterglow off the mfucking game wit yo triflin dirty white racist ass you big fat bitc

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