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Well I thought I'd make a thread where I can post my poetry. 

This poem is called Dying Light. I wrote it on Thursday during my public speaking class.  It's always an experience when you're  listening to a lesson and ideas suddenly start filling your head.  I'm always like oh shit, yes!  But I wrote this poem about my  non existent soulmate. 


I used to be a dying light. sulking in the dark hoping that someone would claim my miserable heart.

You waltzed into the room unwavered by the dark  

You danced gracefully then made your way over to me.

You tapped my shoulder and the warmth of your aura began to take me over.

I was  once a dying light but you gave me your love, vanquished the black ink that was strangling my heart.

I used to be a dying light but now I'm shimmering I'm burning bright


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Wrote this poem today. It's called One Of Those Days.

It's one of those days

I feel hopeless I feel blue.

I don't like myself right now.

I'm fucked up but who isn't?

Being unhappy is a normal feeling.

But why do I tell myself that I'll never be happy?

I know that can't be true. 

I love myself usually but when I don't I feel blue.

Is it because I'm impatient?

I don't know.

I'm scared for what lies ahead.

I'm shaking right now, 

I'm being controlled  by negative thoughts and self doubt.

I don't like the way that I'm feeling,

Don't know why I feel the way I do.

The frequency of these moods of these days vary.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern.

But these moods  are only temporary.

The truth is that they scare me.

Sometimes I'm afraid that they'll never leave me. 

That they won't go.

That the darkness will consume me and eventually I will fade.

What if I never reach my goals.

I have an irrational fear that I won't live to see the brightest day.

But fuck that shit. I can't think this way.


It's destructive thinking and I'll do whatever I can  combat these ways.

So what do I do?

I don't fucking know.

Perhaps just focus on the positive aspects of each day.

I want to be positive all of the time but that's unrealistic. I'm human, I can be a fucking mess we all can be.

So sometimes you feel like saying fuck hope when you feel like nothing great has been  happening for you lately.

We will always have good and bad days. 

Life is hard everyone knows this.

The most important thing is how we choose to handle it.

Don't let the dark days bring you down.

One day you will stand on destiny's ground.

I know it's not easy but be patient.

Things will fall into place when they are supposed to.


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I was bored the other day and wrote an emo poem.

Hope is for clowns. The earth is a circus. We dream of happy endings but no one can guarantee it. You could die unfulfilled unloved, so abruptly, for all we know true love is a sham and misery is our destiny. Just live and expect nothing.  The only thing we are guaranteed is our place in the ground to rot or as ashes in an urn to be sprinkled around in the location of your choice if it can be afforded. We inhale love if we are lucky until it dies and then we exhale pain and sorrow, regret.  It’s always so surprising even though none of us are guaranteed another tomorrow. When we lose the ones we love we inhale mountainous grief.  We exhale more pain and sorrow and inhale  and exhale and repeat until we heal.  However even when we have healed the scars remain and the pain returns on some days due to triggers such as memories or holidays or important dates. That is life in a nutshell, you breathe, you laugh,  you love, you bleed , you wake up, until  you don’t.

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Well I thought I'd make a thread where I can post my poetry.  This poem is called Dying Light. I wrote it on Thursday during my public speaking class.  It's always an experience when you're  list


Taylor is shaking, still I actually like it I used to write poems but I kinda stopped after awhile

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