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Big Brother: Born This Way

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Madonna    39,422


Welcome, everyone!

I think it's time we bring Big Brother back to this section.




Players choose a song to represent
Once each song is taken, a random player is chosen to be Head of Household (HOH)

The HOH chooses two songs to be up for eviction.

The players vote on which of the two songs they want to evict

The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HOH

The process repeats until there is a clear winner

Inactive players will be replaced if they do not respond for more than 24 hours



Marry the Night - @Luca

Born This Way - @Ghostface 

Government Hooker - @Venom

Judas - @Maraj @Régine Filange

Americano - @Freaky Prince

Hair - @CharnyBoy

Scheiße - @Chris Morlock @Maraj

Bloody Mary - @Eclipsa

Black Jesus † Amen Fashion - @Venus XCX

Bad Kids - @Madame X @Maraj

Fashion of His Love - @Liam

Highway Ünicorn (Road to Love) - @Beyoncé

Heavy Metal Lover - @Madonna

Electric Chapel - @Fletch

The Queen - @Merryem

Yoü and I - @California boy

The Edge of Glory - @Diamond



Round 1: Marry the Night vs. Yoü and I - 17th

(nominated by Heavy Metal Lover aka. @Madonna)

Round 2: Fashion of His Love vs. The Queen - 16th

(nominated by Marry the Night aka. @Luca)

Round 3: The Edge of Glory vs. Americano - 15th

(nominated by Fashion of His Love aka. @Liam)

Round 4: Highway Ünicorn (Road to Love) vs. Born This Way - 14th

(nominated by The Edge of Glory aka. @Diamond)

Round 5: Scheiße vs. Bad Kids - 13th

(nominated by @Beyoncé)

Round 6: Government Hooker vs. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion - 12th

(nominated by @Chris Morlock)

Round 7: Fashion of His Love vs. Highway Ünicorn (Road to Love) - 11th

(nominated by @Venom)

Round 8: Judas vs. Government Hooker - 10th

(nominated by @Liam)

Round 9: Marry the Night vs. Scheiße - 9th

(nominated by @Régine Filange )

Twist: Scheiße was brought back played by @Maraj

Round 10: Electric Chapel vs. Scheiße vs. Fashion of His Love - 8th

(nominated by @Luca )

Round 11: Bloody Mary vs. Marry the Night - 7th

(nominated by @Gwen Stefani )



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Maraj    66,606

give me the one and only iconic Judas pls. 

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