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Upon further inspection..

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i realised that my copy of Animal + Cannibal might be using pieces from different releases.


UK https://www.discogs.com/Keha-Animal-Cannibal/release/2680442

Europe https://www.discogs.com/Keha-Animal-Cannibal/release/2570706


my booklet looks like its from the UK release cos the top is cut off



ref from Discogs.com

UK     vs      Europe

R-2680442-1296316983.jpeg.jpg R-2570706-1290994446.jpeg.jpg

(no ref img for UK release on discogs) R-2570706-1290994453.jpeg.jpg



my scans

(it looks a bit green tbh)





and the discs look like theyre from the Europe release cos of the text going around the disc

but the thing wrong with that is that the bottom disc matrix (?) is different


top side of Animal disc

UK ref img         vs          Europe ref img



my scan




bottom side of Animal disc

(no ref img for UK)

Europe ref img        vs          my img




back of CD tracklist page


UK        vs      Europe



my scan



my copy looks like its from both releases, but my discs dont have the bonus tracks like the UK has.

i bought my copy for under $3 on Amazon through a 3rd party seller, which was my 1st mistake, but i had some money left over from buying Marilyn Manson's The Pale Emperor (Limited Deluxe Edition)

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23 hours ago, Recycled stardust said:

Interesting, till next week I won't be home so I can't check my copy, I don't even remember where it was purchased xtina1

Well k bought mine online. xtina1


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Okan 7,569

Well at least it was cheap jj2

This reminded me that I still don’t have Cannibal in physical ezgif-2-692a880aad.gif

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14 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

Well k bought mine online. xtina1


I may have bought it from a 3rd party on Amazon US, that's why I'm curious to check it! usually I put the invoice into the cd case

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