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Sylky's REWORKS Lover!

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The only criticism i have for the album is it's artwork and tracklist so I've decided to post mine below!


  1. I Forgot That You Existed 
  2. I Think He Knows
  3. The Archer
  4. The Heartbreak Prince (re-titled) 
  5. False God
  6. You Need to Calm Down 
  7. Afterglow
  8. Cornelia Street
  9. Soon You'll Get Better
  10. Paper Rings
  11. Death By a Thousand Cuts
  12. Lover



send Cruel Summer back to the studio for that horrendous mixing

The Man CUT


the last two tracks CUT CUT

make London Boy a deluxe


my reworking of the album showcases the fun essence of taylor in the first half, meanwhile the 1-2-3 punch from False God to Afterglow serve as the back bone of the album and the bridge into the second half where the album ends on a declaration of her love for joe in an excellent conclusion (which is an ode to Reputation and how it ended with Call It What You Want/New Years Day) 


anyways thoughts

also for the album cover i'd go with something else something that would reflect her age and maturity as a woman as an artist.. i think album covers have a huge impact on how we perceive the music, it's the only visual we see and relate the music to so it's very important the cover reflects that 


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cruel summer, the man, daylight cut? Choices. ... but this order including songs you’ve allowed to remain... bit wigless. 

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The Man? Her political trinity of the album ( The Man, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince and You Need To Calm Down ) can't be weakened like this. 

Also, Miss Americana is essential as part of the title of that song. Making only Prince part of the title diminishes their equal involvement in the whole story and subtext of the song gets uneven treatement.

It's Nice To Have A Friend provided sonical aspects she has never tried before. It is essential in the vein that the concept of friendship and love and, more importantly friednship-to-love is celebrated, but in a such hazier/gloomier way. Throwback to Mary's song is very much needed in the grand scheme of things album tries to portray. 

Daylight is the closure album needed. While Lover serves as a wedding wow, Daylight serves as a testament to her and their love and that one love in general people should be after and not only in romantic way, but in generally speaking loving way.



I can agree with tweaking the track-list order a bit, but these cuts won't cut it, Sylk. 


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