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Gaga's best album opener?

Gaga's best album opener?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Best?

    • Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)
    • Bad Romance
    • Marry the Night
    • Aura
    • Diamond Heart

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Ghostface    7,516

Marry The Night, because that is the one that actually contained all the elements found later in other songs on the album ( vibe, raw, electrifying energy, up-tempo and hard driven persona self-aware enough and empowering ). Captivating introduction.

Aura also kind of serves as good introspection of the album as a whole, but the Marry The Night is more theatric I would say and grabs attention more instantly. 

Bad Romance is banger, than one is on par with Aura and even maybe Marry The Night, but I always interpreted it as a bridge between Fame and Fame Monster despite it actually being ouverture to darker and more serious tone of the later.

Diamond Heart is also good for first meet and greet with Joanne. It is all about mellow, more laid-back and peaceful introspection without the need of protesting loudly like on Marry The Night. But the thing is that it doesn't give off the vibe as the strongest among them. 

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Dan    14,552

It's either Just Dance or Diamond Heart. Then for sure Bad Romance, then Aura, then Marry The Night. 

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Moonlight    1,424

Just Dance

Bad Romance


Marry The Night

Diamond Heart


I love them all though 

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