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Big Brother: Miranda Cosgrove

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Venom    6,432


Hello Miranders! In light of the recent Big Brother trend on the forums, I thought it only made sense to expand the game to the most acclaimed musical artist in pop history. In her career, Miranda Cosgrove famously portrayed Carly in the Nickelodeon series iCarly, and also released a few works of art music. This includes her debut EP About You Now featuring classic "About You Now", her debut album Sparks Fly featuring wedding anthem "Shakespeare" and a second EP High Maintenance featuring certified 20x platinum single "Dancing Crazy". For the purpose of this event, we will be looking into the official 'Japan Edition' of Sparks Fly, which acts as a good summary for her discography and includes songs from both EPs, as well as the iCarly soundtrack.


• Players choose a song to represent. Afterwords, a random player is chosen as HOH (Head of Household).
• The HOH chooses two songs to be up for eviction, and the other players vote which song to evict.
• The song with the most votes is evicted and the other one becomes the next HOH.
• The process repeats until there is a clear winner.
• Inactive players will be replaced if they do not vote before the deadline (24 hours).


Kissin U - @Jae
Disgusting - @Ginger Spice
High Maintenance - @Hylia
Dancing Crazy - @Liam
There Will Be Tears - @Winnie.
Kiss You Up
Daydream - @Venom
About You Now
Oh Oh
Hey You
Face Of Love - @Chris Morlock
Leave It All To Me - @Fletch





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Hylia    83,701

I’ll take the ASS kicking BOP High Maintenence


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Winnie.    18,719

There will be gods 

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Hylia    83,701
9 hours ago, Ginger Spice said:



This isn’t the Noah Cyrus megarate

@Sylk ahh it’s your girl

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