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Xtina in London (Fashion Week, Royal Opera House)

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10 minutes ago, BlancLover said:

The negativity is real. Can we support her without bringing up her weight? Shouldn't you post be on the BG's?

I will support the things she does well. If she shows up out of shape  in a leorard I can comment on it. What is BGs?

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13 minutes ago, michael1814 said:

I flew from Melbourne to Las Angeles then drove to Las Vegas I wish all I had to do was fly to another city in my country!!!!… if you saw the same show as I did (basically) I don’t know what you are complaining about.

my main complaint is that for basically every fast song the CD vocals were playing in the background or her backup singers were singing for her while she barely sang or just wailed over it. Maybe they were louder at my show than at yours. If I did what you did to see her after 11 years and got the show that I did then I would be done with her. Its disrespectful as hell. IF she would at least do what Beyonce does and lipsync to pre recorded tracks that sound live and then dance to that I would be ok. But she isnt exactly dancing much but just walking up and down the stage has her huffing and puffing.

I mean if you think this is ok then thats fine.. I dont. Madonna is old as hell and puts more effort into her show.


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Omg yaaaaas all of these are looks!!!!  slay  

I love her red coat 

they dont make her look bigger... she is bigger.  

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