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KM94 turns 25!

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Ariana    2,499


Today, KM94 turns 25! giveup3

Her first studio album after leaving PWL giveup3

the album that blessed us with some of her BEST singles to date giveup3


220px-Kylie_Minogue_-_Kylie_Minogue.png 220px-KylieMinogue1994Alternate.jpg

The album reached #3 in Australia with 35K copies sold

#4 in the UK with 100k copies sold



Confide In Me

#1 for five weeks in Australia

Peaked at #2 in the UK




Put Yourself In My Place

Peaked at #11 in both Australia and the UK



Where Is The Feeling

Peaked at #16 in the UK

#31 in Australia








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Gwen Stefani    948

this and IP are her best albums ever like no competition. She did what she had to do I just wish they were received better!!! House anthem after house anthem on this record... the flavour 

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Liam    16,095

KM94 was the record that introduced me to Kylie. I remember listening to Where Is The Feeling? so often when I turned eighteen

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