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Favorite Album Art Covers

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Pauly Antonio    298

IDK if this has been a thread already but were reviving it girlies... the album cover is my FAVORITE part of an album. If its ugly, I won't listen to it... lmao. 

These are mine:

Rosal%C3%ADa_El%20Mal%20Querer.jpg A SERVE....

WeyesBlood_TitanicRising.jpgI always thought this cover was digitally made but no... shes ACTAULLY underwater and its an actual room.... another SERVE 

dd0f91c0.jpgThe simplicity....Beyonce has reached a level in her career where all she needs to do is slap her name on the front and it'll sell like hotcakes... a legend....


Beyonce_HomecomingTheLiveAlbum.jpg I had to do it.... tell Giselle that I need physical copies of this NOWW. 

454bf282.jpgI dont like this album but I bought the vinyl to hang it up on my wall... this painting deserves to be in museums... period

By%20the%20way,%20I%20forgive.jpgAnother painting album cover that deserves to be displayed in museums. A quality cover AND album. 

7d2b81aa-e647-4538-b639-1a84e49cf099_1.5 The red and the yellow... yesss MA'AM

220px-Some_People_Have_Real_Problems_US_images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSL6lmH8YskSIfQBcCSzPY Sia's early albums had the BEST covers. So creative and innovative. No one did like Ms. Sia

81SzLcBrXFL._SS500_.jpg The blue sky and that paper fan. BOW DOWN TO THE YEE HAW QUEEN

aa27976d.jpg This might just be my favorite of them all... really reflects the album as a whole. The retro vibes were EVERYTHING!!

These are all I could think of right now... lemme know yours!! periodt pooh


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Divine    143,607


My Everything just holds a lot of memories for me and I also just really love the cover. Simple yet beautiful.



I mean, look at the material!



The aesthetic is just... *chefs kiss*



The entire Prism photoshoot is a work of art but the cover is just... wow

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Gilly    8,521

theres so many, but off the top of my head:


invasion of privacy

the fame monster (both)

teenage dream


fever (megan)


anti (iconic tbh)


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Urbanov    46,876
3 hours ago, Diamond said:




The material...

Look at that...

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Dan    15,010

I always loved Love Angel Music Babys cover


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BlueBalls    278




And more:

Vega - Wolverines

Vanbot - Vanbot

Vanbot - Perfect Storm

Thorunn Antonia - Star Crossed

Joanna (Pacitti)- This Crazy Life

Lise Karlsnes - Dance or Die


Turns out most of these are my favorite albums as well (and favorite album booklets).

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Hylia    83,904
2 hours ago, Nezha said:

My favourites

True_Blue_Madonna.png Bjork_Post.png Marilyn_Manson_-_Holy_Wood_%28In_the_Sha


Michaeljacksondangerous.jpg Björk_-_Homogenic.png 220px-ELP_-_Brain_Salad_Surgery.jpg


Marilyn_Manson_-_Mechanical_Animals.png ToriAmosBoysforPelealbumcover.jpg Grace_Jones_-_Island_Life.jpg

Tori appreciation! I love to see it cry6 

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