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Google goes full-throttle with health censorship, doubles down on Big Pharma drugs and disease

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Agent X    7,028

Google has gone all-in with Big Pharma to push drugs and disease, while simultaneously blocking access to life-saving health information. Gone are the days when people could easily find information on nutrition, supplements, natural remedies and alternative therapies. But Google’s not stopping at censorship for health and wellness — the tech giant is also pushing pro-Big Pharma propaganda on their search engine. From trying to cover-up the opioid epidemic and Big Pharma’s death toll, to discrediting and silencing the natural health community, Google’s evil truly knows no bounds. For a company that once boasted the motto, “Don’t be evil,” things have surely gone downhill fast.

Clearly, it is no coincidence that Google removed their “Don’t be evil” clause from their company code of conduct last year. Now, the floodgates are open and Evil Google is breaking loose.


Google suppresses valuable health info

Google has done a lot of terrible things, but their pharmaceutical agenda pushing tops the list. In recent months, the search engine giant has deigned itself the gatekeeper of all health information, selectively silencing those who dare to defy convention and speak out against the corrupt medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Valuable information about nutrition, alternative medicine and other life-saving therapies is now being suppressed. As Natural News writer Ethan Huff reported this summer, Google was caught actively altering search engine results to smear nutritional supplements and websites that promote natural wellness.


As Huff reports, Green Med Info investigated Google’s autocomplete suggestions for the term “organic” and came up with these top results:

• organic is a lie
• organic is always non gmo
• organic is a sham
• organic is a myth
• organic is a waste of money
• organic is a marketing gimmick
• organic is always non gmo logo

As you can see, most of these are incredibly disparaging and meant to paint organics in negative light. Google’s search results for the phrase “supplements are” look even worse:

• supplements are bad
• supplements are useless
• supplements are not regulated
• supplements are bad for you
• supplements are not fda approved
• supplements are not regulated by the fda
• supplements are dangerous
• supplements are good for you
• supplements are scams
• supplements are garbage

Only one of these is even remotely positive — and its practically at the bottom of the list. As Huff reports, these autocomplete results are deliberate attempts to devalue natural health information.

But Google isn’t just trying to block out information on the value of “alternative” health information — the corrupt tech giant is also suppressing information on the dangers of pharmaceuticals.

Pushing the pharma agenda

The world’s most popular search engine has also come under fire for covering up opioid death statistics by altering autocomplete search results. Writing for UNZ, Steve Sailer reports that Bing and DuckDuckGo shared similar autocomplete results for the same search terms, while Google’s search results were completely different.

A search for “Deaths from op” on Bing or DuckDuckGo returned with autocomplete suggestions such as “Deaths by opioids 2018” — and in fact, all of the autocomplete suggestions are all opioid-related.

Conversely, Google returned just one autocomplete result for the same search terms: “Deaths from open heart surgery.”

A disparity this extreme cannot be coincidental. Google also ranks “opioid use disorder” as a top search result for the term “opioid.” This hardly-used term appears before more commonly searched items like “opioid epidemic” or “opioid addiction” for obvious reasons: So the pharmaceutical industry can eschew responsibility while continuing to market their harmful drugs.

It is also no coincidence that Google has merged itself with the pharmaceutical industry and launched its own pharma companies. Now using their power as the world’s largest search engine to manipulate the masses, Google is poised to surpass Monsanto as the world’s most evil company — if they haven’t already.



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ajp    9,464

G@@GLE will do anything for profit. trash1


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I mean, are those search results wrong though? Do the research. Supplements being ineffective is something that's widely accepted. If Google is just surpressing incorrect / misleading information, then good. I hope they continue doing so.


And not "Green Med Info" lmfao2 what do they recommend for diseases? Essential oils? The bias is UNREAL.

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sloane    19

It would be wrong to try and portray the whole "natural medicine" fad as an alternative to legitimate medicine and medical practices, because while health benefits can be found from organic and natural things, cases of people trying to falsely advocate "natural medicine" as the solution to conditions like cancer have resulted in the severe miseducation and even deaths of people who were affected with certain conditions who sincerely believed these "healthy" approaches would improve their condition. However, it's entirely fact that major pharmaceutical companies are solely responsible for America's opioid crisis, and those who believe otherwise are far too trustworthy of the American government, even when many American health organizations co-sponsor corporations which produce processed foods, alcohol, and tobacco and nicotine products, all of which are produced for no other reason except for privatized healthcare organizations to make more money off of people who become addicted to these products.


The American government wants its citizens to pay for products that will harm them because it wants them to pay to maintain their health - in the case of the opioid crisis, the opioid is both the harmful product which the consumer takes and the harmful solution to the effects of the harmful product that they've consumed.


(Can anyone give me a sensible, legitimate reason as to why healthcare should ever be privatized? I've frankly never found one.)

On 10/7/2019 at 2:11 PM, Miss Show Business said:

I mean, are those search results wrong though? Do the research.

The article references the use of two other search engines (and I believe more if I didn't misread it), Bing and DuckDuckGo (which is a mirror of Google without data tracking) and all of the search engines revealed similar autofill searches, related to the opioid crisis, while Google's autofill feature blocked out any references to the opioid crisis. Seems suspicious coming from the most widely-used search engine on the planet, does it not? shrug1

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