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Kesha | Raising Hell (feat. Big Freedia) | 24 October 2019

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8 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

I think he just meant songs like Child of the Moon, Stay Gold(en), etc.


11 hours ago, Sheezus said:

C U Next Tuesday is a total fave for me and really underrated.

Elaborate. Do you think it'd be more acoustic or something?

I stayed up for the pre-order. Spotify had Praying up at midnight and the pre-order for Rainbow delayed by like 45 minutes.

Nevermind, figured it out too late

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2 minutes ago, Jordannn said:

How does one even get on ATRL anymore? It won't even let me browse as a guest like it did before :/

They disabled guest access because the site can't handle so much traffic. You can only see ATRL as a member right now.

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16 minutes ago, Recycled stardust said:

Well the song is basically just like the snippet and the drop hurts my ears dead2

At least I love the video, the references to her career, the bathtub and the police scenes cry1

Random fact: after that YouTube suggested Poker Face and Bad Romance (cookies disabled)

What references? Did I miss something? 

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